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This poem directly speaks on the factual things avoiding all other spicy material which many poets use to make their poem more effective and readable. The poet is confirmed about the points and his aim to write this poem. So avoiding all fluffy material he directly attacks on reader’s mind and brings them into reality. Life is what everyone gets in it, it may be good days or bad but whatever comes across is experience and this experience is nothing but the life. This is the only definition that can be made for explaining life. Poet has used his own writing style to explain this. He has given all points in poetic form and explaining each point one by one.

It is an emotive and affectionate tribute to poet’s beloved and placid friend. Poet has written this poem in his beautiful memories. All those memories have happened in the past with his friend and now poet recollects those memories on a page in the form of words. The appearance and originality of Longfellow’s stunning essence has crossed the centuries to stroke the feelings of the reader in the form of new millennium.

The poet’s love for his dear friend is explained through this poem. The poet is actually giving ideas to readers to have a friend like his friend. What is friendship? What this relation needs? Why this relation is called so sacred than love? Yes, there are some facts that always make this relation stronger. The poet is very much recognized with this fact and thus he has written this poem. He is very much sure about his points and explaining each point in a proper sequence that gives reader an idea of ideal friend.

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Beautiful representation of an estimated wish! Only these words are suitable for this poem as this poem urges everyone to have another look at this poet and put him into the top poets this world ever have! This poem excites readers to this extent that they feel to read more. This is the success of this poem. A friend’s gift to another friend can be another tagline for this poem. Poet truly speaks about his relation with his friend.

Friend is the one who holds hand in difficult situations and help to resolve that situation. Therefore if there is any relation exists in this world which is so sacred then it can be a friend’s relation.

This poem actually explains how somewhat good may not be going with you; however it is always happening with someone else. The sight is diplomatic and calm, however stunning with the metaphors. This can be a striking, perceptive and redolent poem of love. It explains how absence of dear one makes the heart develop fonder?

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