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In this poem the poet reduces the whole thing to one central and overwhelming emotion, the sensation of having cherished and loved, and now having a part of love. What is love? What is actual definition of a sweet and perfect couple? For this poet explain that they are supplementary than that still, now they are, in themselves inclusive relation. The ups and downs created in case of Alpha and Omega of mood and include the quintessence of a reality of pain and enjoyment condensed into one flaming drop.

This poem is no more than a sad love poem. Poet has squashed his deep touching feelings for Nancy or Clarinda (his beloved) to whom he has devoted this sad poem. This poem was originally written in the form of a love letter.

This sad love poem is surrounded by the stunning successes of its type. Poet’s use of the song to utter his suffering at the conclusiveness of the pair’s relationship is both vivid and sensitive. A Fond Kiss suggests honest, influential thinking of love, and so far logic of deep anguish and depression is yet there. For this explanation it is fact that it is one of the most touching songs ever written in reaction to pasting and misfortune.

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There always has a deep pain hidden inside every love story. Very few people can stand for every bad situation that comes across their love. Very few can survive in this game but those who get fail experiences the most suffering part of their life. This can make them to do all childish things or the things that are totally opposite to brain. As brain doesn’t work in love, what works then is heart. Heart only survives the person in love. If this heart gets break, then what happens? Then for sure a deep pain comes over and over again which harms the present life and can destroy person inside out. Only love can balance this person. A fond kiss is the poem which truly speaks about the pain hidden inside love.

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