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Whether it is an intend or a social gathering, those with good manners, are the most sought, people.

They have the ability to mesmerize and impress, for they are lineal and so can disarm the most difficult of men and women. “Manners indeed market a man,” without good manners none can become a part of a civilized society. It is manners which can calm ruffled feather and define the rules of a civilized society. These rules make life easy to live and forgiveness easy to get. Manners are based on certain principles i values in life. They are the virtues which all of us should acquire consciously knowing well, how important they are for us. A man without manners is an outcaste in the society as he cans not toad the hearts of others. He may be a good person, a great warrior, an intellect but without manners he can hardly win the respect of others.

He tends tot rejected even before he is heard, thus, making it impossible to overcome the first hurdle of establishing a rapport with the one he or she is trying to interact with. You need manners everywhere, in every situation and at all times, without I manners you are lost because not only do they make us socially acceptable but they also contain the key to charm others and make a mark on others.

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