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At the click of a button the National and international news is available to us 24 x 7. We are connected with the latest happenings all 24 hours of the day. It helps in forming our views and opinions related to important policies which can impact us. Corruption is exposed, increasing accountability of business houses, leaders, government officials and other institutions.

The sting operations, though an infringement of right to privacy, are a strong and effective tool in the hands of responsible journalists, though; no doubt they can be misused by some. The Television is also being used to take education to the remotest areas of the country where quality education may not be possible due to lack of qualified professionals. IGNOU is also imparting long distance education programmes through television. Channels like Discovery on History, Geography and Environment are truly educative. It has also brought the proceedings of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha into our living rooms. The sports channels provide live and recorded sports coverage of nearly all sports and are a healthy source of entertainment for the young and old, alike. The television is a strong source for the revival of our rich culture and traditions.

Many serials are based on mythology, epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Serials from religious texts of all religions are also telecast thereby creating appreciation for all faiths still. Nevertheless, our value system is dying due to the impact of the West. Movies and serials are some other sources of entertainment; one does not have to add to the heavy traffic on roads only to fight boredom because one can now sit at home and enjoy his leisure hours. After all entertainment too is a psychological need of all human beings.

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Variety and spice in life is important to fight boredom and television fulfills this need. A television also makes one aware of consumer goods available in the market and helps in making the right choices. Moreover, with the advent of the cable TV and iTV, e-tickets, e-bookings also can be done.

Thus, a television is not just a source of entertainment but is extremely useful and helps create awareness for the latest happenings, consumer goods, social issues and causes, etc. Life without Television seems unimaginable in the 21st century.

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