The G-20 in September 2009. Over 240 British

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The popularity of Gordon Brown has been steeply falling and in all likelihood the Labour will lose power in the 2010 elections.

The Conservative leader David Cameroun is likely to be the next Prime Minister. The Labour received flak because of the large allowances claimed by the MPs for the maintenance of their 2nd homes or at times very personal expenditure. Gordon Brown hosted the first Summit of G-20 in September 2009. Over 240 British soldiers have died in Afghanistan and the body bags continue to prick the British conscience. In November 2009 Gordon Brown questioned the very raison d’etre of the British involvement in Afghanistan. He is now talking of handing over the security to the Afghanistan Security forces and exit from Afghanistan altogether. The danger of Islamic religious groups reorganizing themselves and launching terror attacks on the West and the USA still remain.

It is going to be a long drawn-out affair and no easy solution to the problem is in sight. According to a survey, the Conservative Party, headed by David Cameroun, enjoys a higher weightage amongst public than the Labour Party of Gordon Brown. He was the second Prime Minister after Tony Blair to be quizzed by the police; he was asked about political donations to the Labour Party. Troops have since been withdrawn from Basra throwing the law and order in a shambles as Iraqi police has miserably failed to control it, which was all the more evident in Jan.

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2008. Gordon Brown visited China, the emerging superpower, in Jan. 2008, he was keen to invite more Chinese investments in U.K. On Jan 20, 2008, he landed in New Delhi during his whirlwind tour, pre-empting the visit of the French President Nicholas Sarkozy who was India’s chief guest at the Republic Day. He organised a conference on Afghanistan in London in Jan.

2010, in which a large number of countries were invited. Tony Blair, his predecessor defended his decision to invade IRAQ in any INQUIRY conducted in Jan. 2010.

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