Trade Exports from India (1990-91 to 1996-97)

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Trade leads, tender notifications, joint venture offers are also posted on NCT’s website: Hyperlink for the same purpose.

NCTI has compiled a CD-ROM of its kind in India titled “CD-ROM of Overseas Imports and Product-wise HS Directory.” This CD-ROM has been compiled from lakhs of ETOs downloaded from across the globe for the past few years.

Finally, 35,000 overseas importers as well as Directory of Harmonised Classification (HS ITS Code) group-wise have been incorporated in the CD-ROM for the benefit of the trading community. Periodic updates of the CD-ROM are on the cards. As the next step, NCTI is involved in the compilation of a CD-ROM of country profiles.

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NCTI has the competence of compiling value added reports on the basis of raw data, both Indian trade statistics as well as international/global trade statistics. A recent example of this has been in terms of the following three reports submitted to MOC:-

(i) “Sport Goods”:

Global Imports (1992-1196)

Exports from India (1990-91 to 1996-97)

Statistical analysis and trends for top 15 countries

(ii) “Leather Goods”:

Global Imports (1992-1996)

Exports from India (1990-91 to 1996-97)

Statistical analysis and trends for top 15 countries

(iii) “Sports Goods”:

Analysis of Basket of Sports Goods Exported from India to USA (1996-97) and Imported into USA from rest of the World (1996) In respect of point no. 1 above, NCTI attempts to reach the small and medium enterprise for doing international business, without having to in­vest in any elaborated infrastructure abroad.

In this respect, NCTI is also pursuing a proposal with the Ministry of Commerce, to implement the ben­efits of EDI, electronic commerce and the internet for the small and medium enterprises in the State of UP for the leather exporting industry. This would be a pilot project, which after completion, would be replicated across other key sectors and regions of the country.

NCTI also compiles a quarterly journal, “Trade Connect” meant for overseas circulation. This Journal tries to assimilate all the positive aspects of the Indian economy for the benefit of India’s partners abroad.

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