The During the period 1.4.1996-30.9.1996, 5 such programmes/workshops

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The EIC is an apex body for controlling the activities of the quality control and pre-shipment inspection of the commodities meant for export. The main functions of the EIC as assigned in the Act are:

(i) To advise the Central Government regarding measures for enforcement of quality control and inspection in relation to commodities intended for export and to draw up programmes therefore, and

(ii) To arrange pre-shipment inspection of notified commodities for export.

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With a view of inculcating quality consciousness among the manufacturers and to motivate them to adopt quality discipline, the EIC has been engaged in quality development and export promotional activities by way of arranging training on various quality control techniques to the personnel at all levels in the industry.

In addition, the EIC also arranged seminars and workshops designed to educate the manufacturers and exporters on the methods of maintaining quality including packaging.

During the year 1995-96, 12 seminars/workshops in different disciplines were arranged by the EIAs at different places to propagate the adoption of quality systems in the units in tune with ISO 9000 Standards requirements. During the period 1.4.1996-30.9.1996, 5 such programmes/workshops were arranged.

In addition to conducting seminars/workshops in the context of ISO- 9000 Standards requirements, the EIAs also arranged training programmes with a view of enabling the trade/industry to upgrade the quality of products intended for export, matching with international quality parameters. During 1.4.1996-30.9.1996, the EIAs carried out 21 such programmes.

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