i. iii. Individual assistance to visitors iv. Assistance

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i. CBI guide Exporting to the EU, The Netherlands as the gateway to Europe

ii. Product market surveys for 85 product groups

iii. Trade documentation centre

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iv. Brochures and manuals on EU and environmental regulations

v. Green Buss (R) database on European trade-related environmental policy and technology

CBI training includes orientation seminars on export planning/management, trade promotion/marketing, and trade fair participation.

i. Management seminars for TPO staff on the organisation of collective trade fair participation

CBI integrated export promotion programmes for six product groups/year consists of product market testing (special promotions) in the CBI Product Display Centre in Rotterdam

i. Product adaptation advice at the exporter’s factory

ii. Export marketing seminar

iii. International trade fair participation in the EU

Market entry services for International trade fair participation in the EU (for selected fairs other than those which are part of Integrated Export Promotion Programmes).

i. Consultancy for incoming missions

ii. Support to outgoing buying missions

iii. Individual assistance to visitors

iv. Assistance to trade and marketing centres

CBI bilateral trade cooperation includes trade cooperation agreements with TPOs in developing countries on integrated export promotion.

i. Trade promotion

ii. Business information and communication

iii. Training

iv. Market entry services

CBI multilateral cooperation with multilateral organizations (ITC/WTO) and European import promoting organisations (FORUM) to globalise trade promotion.

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