Hygiene motivated if rewarded accordingly. Personal growth and

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Hygiene factors neutralize the state of dissatisfaction and pave the base for motivation with the use of motivators.

Employees are motivated with the intrinsic aspects of jobs, like autonomy, responsibility, challenges, and achievements and so on. These are known as motivators and are the essential features of job enrichment.


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The feeling of responsibility is developed through making the task independent and significant.

If employees get responsibility, they would like to demonstrate their experience and merits. Task identity, variety and autonomy create responsibility.

Decision-making power:

Employees feel satisfied and motivated when decision-making power is entrusted to them. With increased authority and autonomy, employees are given the power of decision-making, which motivates them to perform better.

They get opportunities to set production standards, control the operation and human resources, and participate in supervisory tasks.


Employees get a sense of pride and recognition when made accountable, as this is attached to rewards as well.

If the performance goal is achieved, the employees feel satisfied and are further motivated if rewarded accordingly.

Personal growth and development:

Autonomy, variety and significance of tasks help employees grow and develop. The employees achieve a sense of pride and satisfaction when performing a task which is properly identified. Task identity and variety provide an opportunity for the development of the concerned employees.


Task significance and identity provide a sense of achievement. When employees are performing for social benefits, they feel happy over such tasks. They perform to the maximum extent without caring about time and money.


Job enrichment includes feedback facilities. Employees inform frankly and fearlessly about the job and performance. Task feedback helps development of employees and better performance of jobs.

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