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Smooth and glossy leaves grow on the trees. Green plants look afresh. In the cool pleasant breeze of the spring, flowers of many varieties are seen blooming and waving.

Little birds give us their sweet notes which entertain us. Our heart and soul are filled with the raptur­ous songs of the cuckoo. We all have a new lease of life. Everything looks bright and beautiful. We have sufficient reason to celebrate such a seasonal festival which is the pulse of all animated beings. That is why we celebrate Vasant Panchami with great zeal and excitement. In the villages yellow mustard bloom in the fields gives a beautiful look to the fields. In parks beautiful colourful flowers give a beautiful look.

Fairs are held all over India on this day. People dance out of joy. Boys, girls, men, women, old and young wear dresses and headgears of ‘Basanti’ colour. In Punjab this festival is celebrated with more joy. There are flying kite contests.

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Boys and girls are seen on the roof tops enjoying the fun of kites flying. The Basant is celebrated through out India.

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