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Camps in various places by the cadets of the Scout Movement are held periodically. The scout master trains the cadets in various outdoor activities. The cadets stay in the tents erected by them. They undergo exercises. The outdoor camps organised by the scout cadets improve the spirit of camaraderie.

The spirit of friendship and mutual help among the school and college students is quite essential. This spirit of friendship among the students developed at an early stage will prove quite helpful when they grow.

The Scout Movement has a long history. The students will give up their narrow-mindedness arising out of casteism and social backwardness if they join the Scout Movement.

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The O.K. or the National Cadet Corps like the scout movement trains students to be of help to the victims of calamities. The training programmes of the O.K. on a much higher level and they can be called to assist the military in an emergency.

The Scout Movement and the O.K are two great movements which impart special training to the students to make them bold and fit to handle any emergency. Students should make it a point to join either the Scout Movement or the O.K.

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