Services: Analysis is carried out on specific

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Exim Bank provides information, advisory services to enable exporters to evaluate the international risks, export opportunities and competitiveness.

These include country studies, merchant banking services, advice on inter­national marketing and data to enable effective participation in opportuni­ties offered by projects of multilateral institutions.

Exim Bank through its wide network of alliances with financial institutions, trade promotion agencies, information providers across the globe assists externally oriented Indian companies in their quest for excellence and globalisation.

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Services include search for overseas partners, identification of technology suppliers, negotiating an alliance and consummating a joint venture.

Research and Analysis:

Research and Analysis is carried out on specific industry subsectors with export potential, and international trade related subjects. These are widely disseminated amongst exporters, academicians, industry and trade organisations and the Government.

Exim Bank thus follows a three pronged strategy to promote Indian exports. More than export finance, the Bank is engaged in export capability creation.


As on March 31, 1997, the Bank had paid-up capital of Rs 5 billion, equivalent to US $139.08 million. Net worth of the Bank stood at Rs 10.44 billion, equivalent to US $290.51 million. The Bank raised loan resources from domestic and international markets.

A Variety of Programmes:

Exim Bank promotes exports through a variety and a range of lending and service programmes. These programmes are tailored to meet the needs of different customer groups, viz. Indian exporters, overseas entities and commercial banks.

Exim Bank offers competitive finance at various stages if the export cycle, viz. export product development, export production, export marketing and export credit at pre and post-shipment stages.

More than Export Finance, Exim Bank Creates Export Capabilities:

Does the exporter sell a product that has met the test of domestic competi­tion? Does he wish to sell his product to developed countries? Does he possess the will to withstand the rigors of international competition?

If the exporter is an Indian manufacturer, and his answers to the above questions are affirmative, the following are offered to him: Export marketing finance Loan finance for modernisation, capacity creation, and quality up gradation, product development and marketing.

Eximius club Services aimed at promoting globalisation. Eximius centre Disseminating skills/knowledge to match the best in the world.

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