Moreover, sought-after end in the right spirit.

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Moreover, the host community needs to plan ahead to ensure that cultural tourism sustains and benefits local communities socio-culturally as well as economically and is not meant simply for minting money for governments or private entrepreneurs.

The cultural tourist wants to discover the country and its culture with comprehensive understanding and to achieve all this expects knowledgeable explanation, interaction and feed-back. If, instead of going for commercialization of culture, tourism endeavours to satisfy its obligations towards society and culture, it will be more than a step forward in the direction of the desired end.

Frohlich (1993) advocates a conceptual transition from ‘Culture in Tourism consists in the modesty and patience of the host community towards the foreign guest’ to one where ‘Culture in Tourism is the modesty and open mindedness of the traveler towards the host community and its cultural situation’.

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For this, an open dialogue between the two, i.e., society and tourism can go a long way in ensuring the sought-after end in the right spirit. However, Hewison (1987) expresses a more forthright view by suggesting that instead of manufacturing goods, we should manufacture heritage. “Instead of miasma of nostalgia, we need the fierce spirit of renewal; we must substitute a critical for a closed culture, we need history, not heritage”.

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