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The gross domestic product was expected to increase by 12% in 2012-13, because it had enhanced its crude oil production to over 7 lakh barrels a day- just a drop compared to Saudi Arabia or Iran, but enough to bring billions of dollars to a country that until recently was one of the poorest on earth. Bashir is a fundamentalist Muslim leader and wants to govern Sudan accordingly. The situation in the Darfur region of Sudan continues to be volatile.

The international conference representing the United Nations, the African Union and a few other countries was held in Libya in late October, 07. The absence of the main rebel leader prevented a comprehensive agreement from being agreed upon. The ground reality in Darfur continues to be grim and the government-sponsored militia Janjaweed continues to wreak vengeance. The International Criminal Court has indicted Bashir and has ordered him to appear before the Court on charges of genocide. Lakhs of people have died in Darfur ostensibly on the directions of Sudanese Government headed by Bashir. In October 2009 a Sudanese employee of the United Nations was ordered to be thrashed – her crime wearing of slacks which was termed unlslamic.

The African Union and also the Arab League have both protested against the arrest warrants issued against him by ICC (International Criminal Court).

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