Need activated to find satisfaction through goal achievement.

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Need is a feeling of deficiency. It creates physiological and psychological imbalances which create tension in the mind of the employees.

The employee’s drives are energized and activated to find satisfaction through goal achievement. Drives are strong feelings of deprivation which target certain goals.

They lead to action and provide energy for achievement. Drives lead to search for the proper action which will provide satisfaction.

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Goal achievement leads to reduction of tension. It restores physiological and psychological balance. Motivation is a natural process, wherein felt needs are recognized.

Need creates a state of disequilibrium, i.e. tension which is to be reduced through behaviour. An individual will search for the right behaviour for getting satisfaction.

He will select suitable strategies for the purpose if he is adequately qualified. Motivation therefore depends on ability, experience, education, background and skills of individuals.

The satisfying tools may be financial and non-financial rewards and punishment. The motivation cycle leads to satisfaction.

If the needs are unsatisfied, the motivation cycle is repeated till the needs are satisfied. During the process, unsatisfied employees may create some problems which should be solved immediately to satisfy the employees, as otherwise a vicious circle will be created which will mar the motivational process.

Motivation has drives which are based on the cultural environment in which the person lives. The cultural environment and drives affect the employees’ desires to work and their approaches to the problems. Besides national characteristics, desires of achievement also influence motivation levels.

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