i. can hike, bike or go white water

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i. Efficiency and Effectiveness of desired product output;

ii. Influences on regional economic growth;

iii. Influence on local residents’ quality of life;

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iv. Use of locally available factors of production; and

v. Harmony with the local, social and cultural structures.

As regards the use of locally available factors, it is worth mentioning that tourism, being a highly competitive business, forces the developers to go for hard technologies which, besides furnishing quality infrastructure, make the rate of development brisk and meet the volume of traffic.

These are, generally, not only costly but are also unfriendly to the environment. The call for alternate tourism coincides with western travellers increasing dissatisfaction towards typical sun based holidays.

In addition to sun, sea and sand, many vacationers now demand tour packages comprising rare wildlife, primitive tribes or archaeological sites. Others demand activity based holidays where they can hike, bike or go white water rafting.

This interest in alternate tourism has led to emergence of specialist tour firms catering to the demands of a large number of market segments. Alternate tourism in itself is not a type of tourism but is rather a guiding principle involving Eco tourism, Green tourism. Farm tourism. Agri-tourism, Heritage tourism, Cultural tourism, etc.

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