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Shopify is a Canadian company founded by Tobias Lütke, Scott Lake and Daniel Weinand that offers an e-commerce platform for both online businesses and also retail brick-and-mortar stores.Shopify is an online business platform that allows merchants and manufacturers to start and set up an online enterprise to sell products. With just a couple of mouse clicks, Shopify assists sellers to effortlessly organise products, custom-build an online storefront, receive payments, keep track of and fulfil customer orders.  Several small and large entrepreneurs all over the world have used Shopify to create and grow their businesses into thriving successes.These are the stories of some companies that have become successful and have built flourishing businesses with the help of Shopify.Alicia SouzaAlicia Souza is an artist and illustrator based in Bangalore, India. She started putting her quirky and humorous illustrations on a variety of products and first sold them at a small stall in an arts and crafts fair in Bangalore. Delighted by the enthusiastic response from customers over her art and products, she decided to start selling them online. Alicia first experimented with other e-commerce platforms and found them very slow, inconvenient and complicated to operate. Moreover, spending all her time managing the business aspects left her with no time for creating and designing new products. Dissatisfied and frustrated with inefficient online business platforms, she then launched her online store on Shopify. To her amazement, she found Shopify remarkably user-friendly and incredibly easy to use, even for an individual with virtually no technical knowledge. She loved the features on Shopify like the Drag-and-drop that enabled her to upload products immediately and the Shopify App Store which has game-changing tools for online stores. She and her partner, Sourabh Sharma, used Apps like Also Bought, Zoho, Mailchimp, and Back in Stock from the Shopify App Store. These apps have helped grow their business and increase their monthly sales by 20%. With these apps on Shopify, they were able to interface with customers, and keep stock of and manage inventory. Thus, they were able to save valuable time which could then be used to create and design new products. They also used the Analytics and Reports option Shopify Admin to track data such as the price of an average order and frequencies of repeat customers that help them run their business in a more streamlined and efficient manner. They now plan to sell their products offline using Shopify Point of Sale, which helps them accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime. Her store, sells a varied range of products with eccentric characters and amusing slogans and quotes. The products include stationery, footwear, wall art, phone-covers, apparel, calendars and much more. Since moving to Shopify, Alicia’s store sales have increased fivefold.QuirksmithQuirksmith is a handcrafted silver jewellery brand based in Bangalore, India. It was started by two sisters, Divya and Pragya in 2014.  The sister duo first sold their jewellery featuring unconventional, offbeat designs in a small stall at a flea market. Buoyed by the success of their stall, they decided to start an online store. A significant part of the reason they chose Shopify to start their online business was the broad community of Shopify Partners and Experts. Any answers they wanted were just a few mouse-clicks away. They found it immensely easy to set up their store using Shopify, and they had help from the Shopify Forums and Gurus to sort through any obstacles they encountered in the process.Maximising their sales and realising their growth potential was a lot simpler thanks to Shopify’s smooth integration with third-party apps such as Notify Me and Artifacia. The Notify Me app sends reminders to customers who are interested in a particular product that was unavailable earlier. 33% of Quirksmith customers now return to purchase a product using the link from Notify Me. The Arifacia app available on Shopify converts Instagram pictures of Quirksmith products into links that land instantly on product order pages. 1 out of 6 customers now uses this link to purchase Quirksmith products. Biko JewelleryBiko Jewellery is a Toronto based jewellery brand founded in 2004 by Corrine Anestopoulos. Biko combines vintage materials with modern metals, charms or natural stones to create one-of-a-kind designs. She launched her online store with Shopify and was thrilled by the enthusiastic response and rapid sales growth. Biko Jewellery was able to grow quickly, thanks to Shopify. Corrine found it a delight to work with Shopify as it was fabulously easy to use. By using Shopify’s options to automate order fulfilment with 3rd party shipping apps, Corrine now sells her eclectic, edgy jewellery to customers worldwide. Headphone ZoneHeadphone Zone was founded in 2011 by Raghav Somani. This is an online store for audio listening devices, earphones and headphones. When he realised that consumers had very few options when it came to purchasing quality headphones, and that large retail stores did not provide a vast variety of choices for personal listening devices, he decided to launch an online business that sold high quality listening devices to India’s ardent music aficionados.  After experimenting with other online business platforms, Raghav Somani decided to use Shopify to launch Headphone Zone. The other platforms were often problematic, with their website being very slow and also crashing on some of their top-selling days.  He found that Shopify had no such issues. Their website was fast and reliable and there were no problems with security. He found that Shopify was the most effortless way to sell their headphones online.PostergullyPosterGully is an online marketplace based in Delhi, India. Started in 2012, it is a store that sells Posters, Stickers, Art Prints, Key chains and much more. The themes of the posters vary from humour, gaming, sports to lifestyle, motivational, photography and several more.Bharat Sethi used Shopify to launch his online poster business. This made it possible for the company to grow rapidly into India’s largest catalogued collection for artists. Sethi found it extremely simple to customise their online store using apps from Shopify. They made apps such as Mapify Us available on their site, that allows visitors to take a look at who else is buying the posters.They also use apps such as The View Room that allows buyers to see how a poster will look on their wall and Deals of the Day which gives customers great discounts to bring in more business.ConclusionIt is evident from these stories that Shopify has helped several start-ups and online businesses become successful. It has helped designers, artists and entrepreneurs realise their dreams and sell their products online in a hassle-free and efficient way. Now, people in India who are looking for a way to sell their creations online or start an online marketplace can do so easily with the help of Shopify Gold, which is an e-commerce platform exclusively for Indian entrepreneurs. Shopify Gold provides incredible features such as customisation, large bandwidth, security and 24 hour support with a dedicated account manager.

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