Shell, a gigantic oil company. They produce, with
their 92,000 employees, over 3.7 million barrels of oil per day. Those barrels
get shipped to over 70 countries where Shell operates in (Shell, 2016).

The motive of this report is to take account of the
fact whether Shell is sustainable for the environment. Information of this
report is gained from several databases and the sustainability report on Shell’s

















2.1 Waste water

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Using water in an environmentally and societally
friendly manner is a very important mark in the sustainability procedure of
Shell. Most of the oil production takes place in the least developed countries
of Africa. In those regions, there is not enough water available. Shell
develops special water plans for those countries. They try to use as much fresh
water without impeding the population of the least developed countries and try
to keep the surrounding nature intact.

2.2 Wetlands

The applicate water goes to specific wetlands. In
Qatar, Shell owns a technological center, where they investigate the wasted
water and develop technologies to recycle the utilized water and find a pledged
manner for the environment. This is a strategy to minimize the impact on the

2.3 Used water

In 2016, the use of fresh water increased to 195
million cubic meters, compared to 186 million cubic meters in 2015. The
percentage of this fresh water used for the oil products is 65% (Shell
sustainability report 2016) (please see Appendix 1)


2.4 Environmental

Shell has had the core values honesty, integrity, and
respect for people and environment for more than a hundred years (Auditing:
A Journal of Practice & Theory. 2000 Supplement, Vol. 19, p67. 8p. 1
Chart, 1 Graph.).

Although Shell says they respect the environment and
that they are improving their procedure according to the environment, there
have still occurred some big environmental disasters, where much nature got damaged
and where a lot of animals died. For example; according to BBC in 2012, there
was a big oil spill and a large amount mangrove was destroyed. Over 15,000
fishermen were not able to do their work anymore and many fish died (BBC, 2012).

This is one of the many enormous oil spills ever
happened, with Shell as the company with the biggest responsibility. Those
environmental accidents have gargantuan impacts on the image of Shell.

2.5 Challenge

For Shell, it is still quite a challenge to keep care
of the fact that all the wasted water is discharged in an environmentally
friendly manner. This, because Shell has many countries where they operate, but
some countries are not that developed and do not have many wherewithal. Those
countries don’t have the resources to lose the water in an environmentally
friendly manner. It is hard for Shell to prevent the local people without any
experience all around the world, from dumping their wasted water in the nature.












Based on the findings, it can be concluded that Shell
is improving its sustainability in terms of the environment. However, Shell is
not completely sustainable at the moment. The environmental accidents have had
a huge impact on the image of Shell. Still, Shell is improving its reputation.
At the moment, by research of the fact how they want to lose their wasted water
in an environmentally friendly manner.


It is decidedly recommended to take the subsequent actions
in consideration, in order to decline the weaknesses and increase Shell’s
image, they can invest more money in the development of the technologies for
wasted water. Shell also have to be aware of the environmental disasters which
happened in the past and make sure that those will not happen ever again. They
need to hire people who can help the people in the lowest developed countries
with losing their wasted water.




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