Sexual harassment is not likely a simple desire or need to have sexual relations; rather, it reflects an issue of power and a structural problem where women are seen and considered a “thing” that exist simply for the pleasure of another person. Sexual harassment and the environment that supports it, open the door to what some people report having experienced. It is clear that there is a necessary change for the businesses to develop its full potential. It is inadmissible for a growing industry that its workers experience sexual harassment. The socioeconomic status reflected in the demographics of workers exemplifies how power dynamics influence the control over people as one wishes, such as sexual harassment.


A solution to this problem of
sexual harassment at the workplace is to find a way of enforcing a sexual harassment
policy in the organization through a designated professional that would
function as a “lawyer” to report incidents to him with confidentiality and
enforce harassment rules and regulations without the fear and stress that
something is going to happen to their job, as being fired or demoted. This “lawyer”
would help regulate policies and procedures by teaching employees about their
rights and supporting them with the right documentation for them to receive an
impartial hearing under the law.


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