“Set good hires and their hiring responsibility.

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a high bar for quality. Before you start recruiting, decide what attributes you
want and define as a group what great looks like. A good rule of thumb is to
hire only people who are better than you. Do not compromise. Ever.” That’s what
Laszlo Bock, Google’s SVP for People Operations, uses as a guiding principle
for recruiting. With his years of experience and success in recruiting, Bock
has an eye for strategies that work and those that should be tossed.

have been many instances where companies ask weird, unrelated and completely
off the tract questions like “What do you think is the total area of this
building?” The interviewer in such instances is definitely not expecting a
correct answer to the question. Instead, he/she is actually gauging the creativeness
and the pressure bearing ability of the candidate. However, it cannot be
completely denied that the analytical skills of the candidate while making such
an estimation also comes into play.

a times and oft, the number of times a recruiter is actually able to make a
sound judgement and get the correct person on board is also a big question and
a topic of deep analysis. It is also to be brought to light here that google
typically does not outsource its recruitment. The people of google who are well
acquainted with the culture and processes of the organization essentially make
the decision whether to hire the person or not. However, as opposed to normal
human logic, a revisiting of numerous job interview footage has allowed the
company to conclude that there is zero relationship between good hires and
their hiring responsibility. Given the complete random nature of such
interviews, the company has since then realized the need of a good structured interview
which genuinely tests the skills of an applicant. Rather than having each
interviewer just make stuff up and improvise at the given instant of time, the
company now makes use of a consistent rubric to assess candidates. The company now
has in place an extremely strict recruitment process with uncompromisingly high
standards which helps it filter the cream off the crop. Post such strict
processes, the applicant pool is significantly reduced and the major
responsibility of the recruiter is now to sift through the best of the best and
find a Googler with the desired “Googlyness”.

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is extremely crucial for any company to be clear about its goals, objectives,
vision for the future and the ways and means of achieving those visions. The
recruitment strategy therefore needs to be in complete synchrony with the
objectives in order to be able to ensure the realization of goals. People are
the ultimate competitive advantage for any firm, and undoubtedly, Google
realizes that. It is no mere joke to be called the world’s best employer.
Neither is it a mere coincidence. Google makes such that apart from the regular
recruiter in place, the deployment of peers and subordinates, a good
documentation and a subsequent review by an unbiased group of people is done before
the final decision of hiring is made. Such a system ensures clarity of process
and avoids any compromises or loopholes that is very much possible at so many

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