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Senior Project Essay For my senior project I choose to learn the ropes of being a professional DJ, under the watch of my mentor Tim Ball. The reason I choose this as my senior project is because I have a lot of interest in music and want to use this opportunity to try to help myself to being more comfortable being in front of people. Before starting this project I knew very little about what it takes to be a professional DJ, so while I work on this project I will be learning new skills and how to manage a DJ business.

My mentor is known to the DJ community as DJ Outlaw; he has been a DJ for the last twenty years and has done over 3,000 gigs. He also has a valid Federal Communication of Commerce license (FCC License). He owns his own DJ business called Say What Sound Production. This is his main job at this time. I have known Tim four a couple of years, being that I’m friends with his sons John and Daniel Ball; who also works for him in his business. Being that I was around the Ball residence I became very interested in what they did.

Since I was little I have been raised around all kinds of music, so this was a great chose to make for my project. I started my senior project early in the school year around mid September. I ended my project during the break at the end of February. I spent a lot of time working on my senior project. Each month I worked roughly ten to fifth teen hours. There is one last thing I have to finish on my project, which is to apply and receive my FFC license. When beginning my project I started out by just observing my mentor while helping him carry equipment.

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After that he started to teach me how to set up the lighting for each gig. He told that each gig is different and each gig requires different lighting. He showed me the different types of lights that we will be using; strobes, lasers, moving lights and non-moving lights. When setting up lights we start by setting the light stand up, which we car T-Bars. The light stand can hold up to four lights. The lights are fastened on by screw on brackets. Then we use a thin piece of duck tape to wrap around

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