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Seminar Self-Evaluation                                            Fall Quarter 2017Note: You will need to refer to the Human Services Skills Rubric on pages 35-39 in the Human Services Handbook. Each skill is listed in detail in the rubric. Answers must be clear and concise. 1.      Explain how the activities related to Seminar have impacted your professional behavior? The activities related to seminar  provided me the opportunity to expand my professional skill set in a supportive environment.  Each of the interactions between myself and,  my fellow classmates as well as myself and,  the community were opportunities for me be as professional as possible  .  2.      Do you feel Seminar activities have had an impact on your punctuality? Explain.Yes I feel Seminar has had a positive impact on my punctuality and,  overall time management skills as well as my ability to set a goal and stay focused.  I’ve seen a positive improvement in my ability to be in class on time and prepared,  ready to interact with my fellow classmates as well as the  instructors.  3.      Do you notice a difference in your ability to take criticism and handle stress because of the events related to Seminar? Explain.My ability to take criticism and handle stress has improved mainly due to the improvement in my time management skills  and, effort to be more organized.  One area I need to work on is not being so critical of myself ,often this behaviour is to blame for my inability to focus and successfully accomplish tasks, 4.      How have Seminar activities impacted your understanding of diversity?Seminar has showin me the positive effects of diversity by exposing me to many different people and cultures in a positive and open environment. 5.      In what ways have your ability to work as a team and collaborate been utilized during Seminar activities? During the duration of the quarter I have utilized both my ability to work alone as well as part of a team , in my experience they each offer advantages. I work best in situations in which I can collaborate on some tasks, and work alone for others.  When working as part of a team I try my best to acknowledging others  and their contributions, ideas and, hard work I think this is vital to any team project. 6.      How have you used ethical decision making, or seen it used, during Seminar activities?I have adhered to any and all rules I was made aware of , I have acted and made all decisions in a ethical manner.Ethical decision making is a part of daily life, it’s really hard to not make multiple ethical decisions a day don’t steal don’t lie don’t cheat don’t kill people (even if they drive poorly) these are all ethical decisions. 7.      How did you apply your coursework to the Seminar events? By adhering to any and all guidelines set forth in the handbook. I applied the skills and knowledge I gained in the Human Services classroom. I worked on  doing my best to see every opportunity to apply the skills I’ve learned 8.      Do you feel Seminar events had an effect on your computer skills? Explain.I don’t feel that I gained any new computer skills, but I did enjoy helping others learn new computer skills. Those skills I shared I know will be of use for a long time to come, helping them through their school careers and beyond. 9.      Do you feel Seminar events had an effect on your writing skills? Explain. I did not have the opportunity to use or grow my writing skills. I am aware of my shortcomings in this area, I try very hard to do my best and improve my skills despite my disability but I still make mistakes.10.  How has being involved with Seminar activities impacted your ability to meet deadlines and follow directions? Meeting deadlines is something I struggle with I procrastinate I typically always meet them but it might not be with my best work.  I’m working on this, and hope to see more chances in the feature to improve and become better with my time management skills. 11.  Explain how you were able to utilize your skill of using appropriate communication during Seminar events?  Appropriate communication is a vital tool for healthy interaction both in the professional and academic world as well as  in  personal relationships . Communication skills encompass far more than simple verbal and nonverbal communication, learning to read ques and body language helped me to better asses those I was approaching for donations during the laundry card event.

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