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of Bitcoins

“Bitcoin is better than the
currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of
course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.” is said
by Bill Gates. This quote revealed that Bitcoin is the feature, and our world
will be aligned with cryptocurrencies. In this case, they become very popular,
but the security of Bitcoins will be
under threats. Bitcoins are trading every second and its marketing value is
increasing significantly. However, it whets scammers’ appetite, and they find
the new ways of Bitcoin scams. In this post, we’ll go into how to fend you from
scam methods and provide the security of

Security of Bitcoins is linked with understanding scam methods and fend you against them.
There are several ways of scamming in cryptocurrencies such as fake Bitcoin
exchanges, fake Bitcoin wallets, phishing, ponzi, and cloud mining. Let start
with the most problematical thing in the security
of Bitcoins: fake Bitcoin exchanges.

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Fake Bitcoin Changes

The simple definition of
fake Bitcoin changes is that: you see a link like, “Buy cheap Bitcoins! It is %5
under market value!” on social media, click it
then buy fake Bitcoins. This is the irrepressible problem in security of
Bitcoins, where can I buy Bitcoins

The first thing to do is,
make sure that the website has HTTPS secured address. If it has not, stay away!

Another important point for
the security of getting Bitcoins is
going to search on the web whether your website which is you’ll buy Bitcoins
through it is much-used or not.

Most of the fake exchanges
are not rooted web-sites, so do not forget to read reviews about them!  

Fake Bitcoin Wallets

Storing Bitcoins are important as buying
them in terms of security of Bitcoins. Simply, fake Bitcoin wallets enter your machine and steal your personal
information to scam.

To avoid this scam method,
look at the wallet site address and does it use HTTPS or not? Then you can ask
Bitcoin forums whether this wallet is safe or not. If the wallet is a client,
you have to go for a virus scan.

The last thing to do is, try
the’s official wallet.


Simply, phishing scams are
work linked with e-mail or fake website advertisements. If you trust them, you
may be exposed to scam and get malware or lose your Bitcoins.

To provide the security of
Bitcoins, you have to be careful to not be baited. Best way to do is, do not
click open attachments and go directly to the website where you have to do

In another case, do not
trust top results which are be adverted via Google and type the real website address
directly. You may be exposed to it especially and searches about “blockchain”.



Ponzi scams are going to be
popular because of their tantalizing promises such as “double your Bitcoins!”
However, the disgusting point is: the only way to double Bitcoins is send it to

This website may be seen as
trustable but you do not be sure never ever. It’s like that a scheme which is
based on referral system and it grows up with referral links. Therefore, it is completely a darkness for the security of Bitcoins and think again and again before go into it.

As a result, cryptocurrencies are growing up day after day and thousands of new
people buy Bitcoins. If you new or uninformed about the security of Bitcoins,
you have to be careful about that. There are lots of risks and scam methods, so
basically, read comments, ask experts before doing new things you have no idea
about that. 


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