Security and media. This construct also takes into

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Security concerns:

 Security concerns are action when the organization and
government lose important information or data. With the combine between data
and cloud computing that, have more concerns of security when multi-user (   R.
Schneiderman, 2011). That mean when lack of a mature security have on
management of security SMEs reluctant to adopt cloud computing because first it
is expensive and identity provisioning and credential management. Making a
decision to enter the world of computing requires the company to be cautious in
sharing its innovations for the whole world for fear of losing them. Cloud
computing owners claim to provide the necessary protection for all important
data and information, as they have the latest technology to protect that data.
Security is defined as “the security of the service, data centers and media.
This construct also takes into account, the privacy and confidentiality of the
companies’ data” (“Security benefits of cloud
computing, 2012). In conclusion, I believe that protection is the basis for the
success of the relationship between Sun and cloud computing to ensure that all
institutions enter this system.


H: positive relation between security concerns of cloud
computing and likelihood of cloud computing adoption on SMEs.

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These factor explain the concerns of the Internet because it is known that the
Internet has several concerns, the most important are knowledge and competence,
cost of Web-based operations, concerns with managing online customers,
speed-reliability, privacy-security and Internet suppliers

H: positive relation between Self-efficacy and Avoid mistakes
and steal information in SMEs.











The way that information systems services are paid for, maintained,
scaled and developed is gradually modifying by the computing services.
Moreover, SMEs looks at outsourcing and visualisation and considered as
beginning point for these services. On another hand, computing services need to
use high-speed internet connection (Leimeister et al., 2010; Yadav and Zeng
Wen, 2010). This paper is attempt to providing some of factor that effect on
the cloud computing services on SMEs through TOE model. This model contains
three views from (technological, organisational and environmental). Also, the
main factors that mention in this paper are relative advantage, uncertainty,
trialability, compatibility, size, self-efficacy, cost-saving, security
concerns, top management support, innovativeness, prior experience, market
scope, industry, supplier efforts and external computing support are playing
important role in cloud computing adoption in SMEs. Moreover, these findings
have significant value and implications to the research community, managers and
(ICT) providers will get great values from these findings to getting successful
plans for cloud computing adoption. These factors or findings will help to
build or identifying new factors that impact on cloud computing adoption
services and this model can use in another sector and industries. SMEs driven
to adopting with new technologies and gradually will improve their systems and
process through these technologies and information system.


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