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Sebastian PriceMr. PetersenWestern Civ11 October 2017Alexander the Great and HephaestionOne cannot sit through high school history without knowing of Alexander the Great, conqueror of  most of the known world, yet it is not often that his closest friend, confidant, ally, and possible lover, Hephaestion, is heard of. There is great debate over whether or not Hephaestion and Alexander were lovers or simply close friends. History and research proves that Alexander the Great and Hephaestion were lovers.Hephaestion was born in Pella, the same place as Alexander. He was very well educated, which indicated that his family was either very important or very wealthy. When he was a youth, Hephaestion met the prince Alexander, later to become Alexander the Great. Though never clearly mentioned, it is assumed that both Alexander and Hephaestion were educated by Aristotle. Alexander and Hephaestion were known to be close companions from childhood until death. (Hephaestion)The only time Hephaestion is mentioned in history is in relation to Alexander. Alexander was popular with the people, and was known to have many friends, but he held Hephaestion closer and to a higher esteem than anyone else. Their friendship was born in boyhood, gained strength through adolescence, grew even more when Alexander became king, and did not break even through the difficulties and emotional strain of war, and the drama of royalty and their marriages. It is assumed that everybody knew that they had a relationship that was beyond plationic, “Hephaestion is first mentioned at the very beginning of the histories of Alexander’s Persian campaign, when the invaders reached Troy. He is never introduced as ‘a friend’ or ‘a companion’ of the king; he is simply mentioned, which suggests that the historians assumed that everybody knew Hephaestion’s position as Alexander’s lover.” (Hephaestion)Hephaestion fell ill with a fever in the autumn, after travelling with Alexander to Ecbatana to participate in the games held there. After seven days of Hephaestion’s illness and sitting on the brink of death, Alexander was called back to Hephaestion, but he did not arrive in time. Hephaestion was dead before he arrived. (Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias) Alexander reacted severely to Hephaestion’s death, to say the least, grieving like only a lover could. He built a three story funeral pyre for Hephaestion, and died not too long after, while in the process of planning more permanent memorials for him. (Posts about Sacred Flame on World Of Alexander The Great) One would not go through so much for someone that one did not love. The relationship between Alexander and Hephaestion was truly one for the ages. Works Cited”Hephaestion.” Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, 2017,”Hephaestion.” Hephaestion – Livius, 19 Aug. 2017,”Posts about Sacred Flame on World Of Alexander The Great.” World Of Alexander The Great,

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