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Science Recycling One Worldpaper(Part 1)most materials can be recycled. From metal to wood it can be but in a recycle bin and it can be used again. All different shapes and sizes of materials use many different  ways to let them be able to be recycled. Recycling will only have to be crushed or melted to make  a huge difference to how we live in the world. if people recycled more often and not throw away useful material the world now would be alot better, Recycling is very important to us because because people are throwing their plastic and other recycling materials in the ocean which is harming the ocean creatures, poisonous chemicals and greenhouse gases will be released from people throwing thier trash , but if  we as humans recycle more often it will make the world a lot cleaner and safer place for us and the environment if we recycle we  will not be giving out greenhouse gases that pollute the environment. Since we are saving resources and are sending less trash to the landfills, it helps in reducing air and water pollution as I said before it keeps the world a cleaner place .Recycling is a very good thing because it causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution and that means the world will be less polluted if we just recycled more.( .  If the world is a healthier place it is a safer place for humans and animals to live in . But if the worlds did not recycle and we kept on throwing rubbish on the floor and in the ocean there will  be so much  pollution and it will affect the world in a really negative way. It can lead on to  global warming wich can kill millions of different species.Over a long period the weather and the climate will change and keep getting hotter and hotter.  Glaciers will melt and get smaller by the minute , and when the glaciers melt it will make the water of the ocean level and because the ocean rises animals habitats will shift. And it will cause a significant  impact on the world. If us humans stop recycling like we are now, the world could end up being a big mess because of all the global warming . recycling is very import to save the world from global warmingpaper is a material which has been recycled aot of times and it can be recycled multiple times.We use paper every day . especially inside school there are so many pages of paper used a day, If the school used all those paper that they use daily they could do alot of different thing with the paper . We can save many different animals  by recycling because it will stop the greenhouse gases from rising into the atmosphere and it will slow down global warming because by recycling we are not contributing to global warming as much then. In school there could be recycling bins in all classes so papers that you don’t need you can put it in the bin and because paper is made out of trees and cutting down trees contributes to global warming we could be helping not contribute by recycling the paper. Paper can be recycled in many different ways. But the most popular way uses mixing used paper with water and other chemicals to break it down. Mixing paper with  water and chemicals makes it turn into a wet mixture and it will be very sticky. They will get all the wet paper and then compress it with a machine wich makes the paper very hard because tehre is alot of paper stuck into a small area and because its so stucky the paper will not seperate by doing that it  breaks it down further into strands of cellulose ( )  this mixture is strained through screens wich will help it just be into paper and will get rid of ay othewr substance,. As you can see recycling paper is a very fast process to make it help the world everyone should send there unused paper and recycle it (Part 2)The world will be a much nicer place if we just recycled more often. Recycling will affect the world in a very good  way. The environment is  definitely being affected by people recycling. It is a good way but surprisingly it can also be affected in a bad way . If we do not recycle and we just throw our rubbish wherever we want. The environmental problems of landfills is a difficult issue to fix. As more waste is put into landfills(, the harder it will be to resolve problem. Some of the products that we normally throw away there are not able be recycled will always remain on the streets or in a landfill ,  and because we leave stuff in the landfills there are often a lot of harmful gases which will be released by all the trash which could be harmful to earth.if we just didn’t throw non biodegradable items in the rubbish  and just throw them in the recycle it will alot because there will be less gasses getting release into the atmosphere and we will not be creating greenhouse gases so the atmosphere will be cleaner. Soal animals and humans could always be breathing in cold air.and the air won’t be hot because global warming. A bad thing about recycling is that when transporting trash from other recycling dumps  could release some bad gases when the trash is in the truck is is still giving of harmfull gasses so when trucks are going to the factory to dump the recycling trash there will be greenhouse gassing still going into the atmosphere and the fumes. Overall recycling has very good effects for the atmosphere and to help stop global warming and it can stop the pollution because pollution in the ocean kills many fish and kills many types of coral, if we want to keep the atmosphere clean we have to only recycle and don’t just throw your trash in the ocean or the streets

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