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is the knowledge of studying behavior of natural and physical based on
experiment and observations. There are four major areas of science including
physical, biological, behavioral, and earth sciences. Physical sciences are about
physics and chemistry, which are focus on nature matter and energy. It is
usually done by lab experiments. Biological sciences are for living things,
organisms and their components. Behavioral sciences is the study of human behavior
in groups and individuals mainly by observation. The earth sciences deal with
non-living matter on earth and the universe.

 What distinguishes science from
beliefs, faith, feelings, or guesswork? Illustrate with examples.

is the study of natural phenomena of the world through observation and
experiment. Science attempts to against human bias by evidence verification. It
supports theory after experimental results are accepted. Beliefs, faith, feelings
or guesswork is mental activity that lack of evidence. Beliefs are the stories
we think is true or make sense of the world. Faith is the value of approaching
religion and how to treat other people. Feelings are how we react to the
matters happen to us. Guesswork defines itself it is the guess of human brain that
lack of evidence. Science is based on evidence. For example, Sir Alexander
Fleming discovered enzyme lysozyme by the observation of a circle free of bacteria
around a growth of mold and lab experiment of growing the mold and found it
killed the disease-causing bacteria. Newton found out gravitation by experiment
that everything falls. The earth is round is theoretically proved whereas
earlier belief that the earth is flat was a belief.

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Explain why learning about science is
important in general. Also explain the value of learning about science in your
life. Be specific.

            Science is
important because science is the interpretation of the world. It helps us to
understand the environment around us and lead our technology keeps developing
to make our lives better. Working as a budget analyst, I could apply critical
thinking from science to better planning, analyst future expenses, and being strict
from terms and conditions like science when spending funding. Behavior science
helps me better understanding how people behave so I can communicate with
customers by the way they think.

            In summary, science is a part of our lives. It is the
knowledge and study of the world that impacts our daily life. It is important
to learn critical thinking when making decisions. Science helps us a have
better life quality. Science is important to each and every person.

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