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Saving on insurance Have you recently compared your auto with your homeowners insurance? Don’t worry, great savings can be made here. Head online and go to sites like as Esurance or NetQuote, then type in your coverages and you might be able to find that you can save just by changing to another insurer. You probably also should get out your Declarations and go over them very carefully for this is where you’ll find your coverages and how much each them costs. You’ll probably find that you’re paying for coverages you don’t even really need. For example, if you have a car that’s worth less than $2,000 it wouldn’t make sense to pay for collision insurance; and so it would be a lot cheaper to just replace it.Saving on foodDisclaimer; saving money on groceries was already covered in an earlier blog, so this is completely different, mostly. What I mean to do here is to help you save money on restaurant food, take out and ordered foods. Grab a pencil, paper, your checkbook and/ or your credit card bills. Make a list of all the money you spent on food. If you find that you’ve been spending several hundreds of dollars per month, which is possible, make a Pre-New-Year’s resolution to cut this in half. Try packing lunches to work and cooking more meals at home. If you’re one of those people who hate the idea of coming home at the end of a hard day’s of work only to have to cook dinner as well, then don’t worry. Just make one big pot on Sunday and then serve it over the course of the week. Here’s another tip, if you don’t have a crockpot; get one. Start dinner in the morning when you’re feeling fresh-ish and soon, it’ll be there waiting for you hot and delicious when you get home exhausted for dinner.Saving on transportationIf you have a rather long commute, try finding someone that either works for the same company as you do or someone who works for a company close to where you work. Let’s say that the two of you rideshare. This could cut your gas bill by 50%; Plus, it would reduce the wear and tear on your car along with the fact that you could even save money on your auto insurance.  An even better idea is to create a carpool with four or five other people for this would cut your costs even more. 

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