Sana it might cause destruction and misfortune.

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Sana ImranHUMS 215Professor Jeremy HockettFall 2017Final Exam RevisionDecember 12, 2017 The cultural and political environment within the United States of America has a great impact on the rest of the world, both in terms of concerns over the foreign policy and dominance of cultural forms produced and exported. Countries around the world are becoming more and more knowledgeable about America’s culture by the books, media, television, movie, and songs that are being exported around the world. Through the books, media, television, movie, and songs not only are American ideas are being transported to the other countries but also the American values are being transported. Though there are some pros to this like person learning about America’s values and how America is. There are also cons like when America is exporting books, media, television, movie, and songs there might not be ways where the other third world countries books, media, television, movie, and songs are produced or even listen to that much. Thus America puts some of the third world countries into danger of not showing their culture or in other words their books, media, television, movie, and songs and having their culture suppressed and have it be overtaken with America’s culture. Thus having this the third world countries are becoming more and more westernized.The United States of America might also be known as a promise and peril, domestically and internationally. The U.S might present as a promise and peril because it might give hope to some people and to others it might cause destruction and misfortune. For example, the Afghanistan and Iraq war was a promise because of how Barack Obama and George W. Bush made a promise to the people of hope, giving them a safer and brighter future not only for themselves but also for the future generations to come, away from violence and hatred. While that sounded all nice and dainty there was the peril side of things, which is the violence of the war that not only the soldiers were facing each day but the citizens that lived where the war was going on wondering if they were going to make it to the next day. Though the war was not at the citizens but at the terrorists the civilians did get hurt whether it was with the drones that Obama had acknowledged  to be “very safe” or the guns and bombs that are throwing people out of their homes or have it being the soldiers from the U.S. giving up their lives for the greater good. Which was discussed in the documentary ” Obama at War ” by Frontline? The U.S might also present as domestically and internationally because of how America acts as the world police that helps a lot of the countries with their problems thus it also helps with maintaining and making foreign affairs better with other countries. Also, if need be they will help America in the future.The American lifestyle might offer beneficial and detrimental models for emerging nations. One way American lifestyle might offer beneficial and detrimental models is by the constitution. Our Constitution has many ideas that other countries don’t have such as the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press or in other words our first amendment. In the world, no one has the same freedom of speech as America does. For example, China and North Korea still are checking and sourcing out things the citizens of those countries can say or can’t say. They also monitor the things you can watch and can’t watch. Another way American lifestyle might offer beneficial and detrimental model is through the country’s economic and social history. Because America also started out as a third/ second world country and made their way to the top and a first world country. Also, if other countries wanted to follow the path to modernization then they would seek to imitate the American experience. The third world countries would look for conditions which would support modernization in America’s history. For Example private enterprise, plentiful cheap labor and unrestricted access to land development. America’s most positive and most negative attribute is Americanization that could also be considered as globalization. Americanization is the process of American culture dominating the world. Which is not only the growing power of the U.S. in military and economic terms but also in the areas of ideas, values, and culture? Americanization is America’s most positive attribute because it gives a positive effect on the economy due to the fact that people around the world are buying an American product. Another reason why it is a positive attribute is that since America is showing/ sharing their ideas and values across the world so people get to know how Americans are. Though there are positive attributes of Americanization there are also negative affiliations with Americanization. One negative attribute is that if a product says it’s from America, the people that are from a third world country people are going to be  buying it because America has such a “big” name which means that since American products are in such big demand that people will buy just because it says America on it. KNowing this America has done some things that aren’t entirely pleasing, such as if America is producing rice and something happens to that rice, and becomes contaminated they won’t sell it in America because it’s contaminated and the Food and Drug Association also known as the FDA won’t let them send it here due to health regulations and conditions, the companies will often sell defected and demorted products to other third world countries that might not know as much about this so the companies can still make a profit though the goods are ruined. Another reason why Americanization is a negative attribute is that our film and music industry overpowers other countries film and music industry thus we are exporting our values and ideas to other countries but we aren’t getting their ideas and values thus making us not think as diversely with the knowledge of the other countries values and ideas. Hollywood played a major role in being influential. Hollywood in general also conveys the 4 themes we have been following in Chapter 9 “The spread of Freedom” and Chapter 10 “The Transmission of American Culture.” First, it emphasizes the scale of American cultural exports and their dominance. Second, it shows how “America” has been constructed out of a range of characteristics. Third, it shows the importance of America’s cultural impact. Fourth, it raises the question about the significance of America, and how it’s being challenged by the new process of production.   American Media is also used in a big way that influences the world. The media has an extremely strong influence on the people’s attitude and opinions. People tend to jump to conclusion on what is heard on the news with little or no knowledge. Most of the media outlets are bias, based on their association with different organizations and beliefs which makes the American people heavily influence. The media also tend to give out more stories and news about tragic incidents and hate stories instead of the cool things that people do. The media also tends to sometimes give out what the government wants you to know like how it was in the Vietnam War and how “we” the people of the United States of America didn’t know what actually was going on in Vietnam instead we were told how well the war was going. This is also related to fake news where someone’s ideas are getting forced into your values or opinions. Thus the media has an extremely strong influence on people’s attitudes and opinions towards topics. Several important themes we discussed over the last few weeks in class, including media, war, the effects of capitalism on individuals and communities, public relations and advertising. These are seen as highly significant to how we view ourselves individually and collectively, and how we are seen throughout the world. American Cultural Experience serves as a catalyst for both progressive and regressive tendencies within America’s boundaries and beyond. Is through America’s history so history won’t repeat itself and so we can learn from our mistakes and make better choices for our future.

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