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San Francisco is a city, a diverse and vibrant place, that is still important to the United States. When looking at a major point in history, it’s important to take a look at the events and factors that have lead to the city in modern day. That’s because the state had really came into its own during the industrial revolution, a time when urbanization and massive advancements in the field of labor and production were being made in the United States, this was from the mid 1870s to the very early 1900s. Many of the growth in the massive factories across the country were the result of it and now this played a role in many other things to occur, population growth, the growth into the economy with all the products it was making and the resources that had been harvested like gold, silver and coal. However there was also this labor unrest about these conditions people worked in leading to the formation of labor unions. Not only that but there were the complete shift in people’s lives that had been much more important on how they had structured their days and routines with such a kind of system that had been in the mix. All this has to do with San Francisco was the fact that it had embody most of these changes and the city had been an example of all the effects of the industrial revolution across the United States. The industrial revolution had really impacted the city in many ways like the change in the US economy, the type of work and labor, and finally the social makeup of the the city that would lay the foundation into the modern city that  many people see  San Francisco as all the way to today. This is because of how many factors shows the change in the city like the great amounts of gold being mined and help the economy grow, the rise in population that had been their and making the city a more massive and expansive with many types of people there and the the type of labor their, which was mostly mining and the labor unions that been growing to aid in their struggling for better work at the time.             The society and make-up of the city had been most connected by the foundation of the of urbanization. For example this is shown with maps outline how the city will look in the given future and the structure, like where the the housing complexes were in relation to everything else. The reason for the urban planning was for how, ¨reformers in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York experimented with maps to make sense of an exploding immigrant population,¨(Farwell). This had shows that massive amounts of immigration had posed problems for the city because the city was large enough to handle a large amount of people coming and staying, despite that the fact that there was a fairly large amount of people living in the city as it was. This may have also included the influx of chinese workers into San Francisco for job opportunities-this ultimately lead to it own social problem but that will be touched on later the. This was important as this board the progress the city was making in being more of a urban city as there was a growth in the amount of house as shown by the amount of house shown as the large amount of factories that it seems to be depicting in these map that had existed during the time period. Which also showed how a lot of the people might have thought about their position in the city and why it is the way it is for the entirety of the lives and their means of understanding how this will play a role for the rest of the future generations that will come to inhabit this great city of theirs. This change can also account for another major example of how the city was urbanized, the massive population boom that had taken place over an extended period of time in the city and how this will play a role in the industry there and the wealth accumulation that this will guarantee for the city and the nation as well.              The city had experience another major shift in the tone of the city with the growth of the population. With the gold being g found in the city, the people had travelled west to get a chance to mine the gold and gain a profit working it. The population had started with a total population of 56,802 people and by the 1900s the population had grown to be about 342,782 people living in the city. (California Census). The important role here was to show that the many of people were growing up in the city and how many laid themselves down here. With a exponentially large amount of  people staying in the city, the structure and buildings had to change in order to accommodate thousands of people that were coming to theses cities to work, have canoes and them most likely going to work in these same places and get more of the gold. The gold that was here was important by itself because of despite the economic benefits gold brought into the growing United States as the  “Washington district ( which includes the Giant King mine was caught in the great California gold Rush during the second half of the 19th century” (The Gem Hunter). What this meant was that there was this massive influx of people who were going out and trying to find d the gold that were in these cavern regions of the state and were close to places like San Francisco. This was important for the urbanization process of the city because of the amount of people in the city coming in to get gold needed to stay in this city, there was a need for them to build up the city in order to establish it as a place for them to work and mangas this valuable resource for the rest of the country economy. That and the demand for gold since many were thinking about the gold standard and with many people wanting it to aid the industrial economy, this city was allowed to grow as it had help bring in a resource that was very valuable. This also showed what kind of lives people were living out in this city and the how industrialization shape their daily lives.                The industrial revolution had played a major role in the lives of the people that had been living their day to day lives in that city.  With the improvement of press machines they were allowed to be more aware of event in the world. This grown to be similar to what exists today where there editorials that gave people reports own thoughts to the current event of the country. For instance, one paper talked about P. T Barnum and asks,¨How much longer is P. T. Barnum going to last ? is a question that just low worries the people of this country, and especially the newspapers¨ (Daily Alta California). There was much going on in the way of real things to do when as the city was mostly there just to get the gold, however major events had occurred a the time like the earthquake of 1906. This earthquake had occurred in the city itself and said to had had the strength of a 7.1 earthquake. “The great earthquake broke loose some 20 to 25 seconds later, with an epicenter near San Francisco. Violent shocks punctuated the strong shaking which lasted some 45 to 60 seconds.” (Earthquake Hazards Program). Despite earthquake lasting short, the main source of the seismic tremors had occurred in the city area. The result of course lead to the absolute destruction of the entire city at the time. The impact that it had on the city was massive seeing as how much carnage and pain was brought by the very presence of the earthquake and how much was loss in the aftermath. What this did for the people for the state was to allow them to better think about the place they are living in now and to think hard o n what to do to combat such thing, which is an aspect of the region that San Francisco and the entire state of California can be ready for with all the destruction and natural disasters like wildfires, droughts and more earthquake that the citizen there have to deal with to now in 2017. The thinking about politics in this city can be linked to the political mindset of the those who were responsible for running the city-their background, affiliations, etc-and how it had influence the city during the time period and what role it played in the other events and factors that had helped to make the city into what it is seen as to this very day and what it is made up out of in the present.                The politics of the city also were an example of the impact of the life in the industrial city for everyone and how it changed lives. Around the time of the 1900s, the Irish had managed to gain a lot of political influence in the city. This was true as they had also, “made up the majority of San Francisco’s working class, constituting 13%”( FoundSF) This shows that the Irish held influence in forming the city by making up a large part of the workforce. This allowed them to gain a piece of the American dream. This fact is important as it stems from how Irish immigration was the main things one thinks about when it came to this time period. It not a secret that the people there did not take kindly to such an influx of immigrants coming into the nation and they were not treated as kindly, very similar to the people living today and problem with illegal immigrants from Mexico getting low earn jobs. This was important as this showed how that in the city that the Irish came into, they were most likely not well received by the Native Americans that had been on the continent and most likely faced the discrimination that they had dealt with in other places around the nation. However, thanks to their ability to blend into the populace, manage to get past such a thing and manage to rise up through society to get to a place to influence how the city functioned and operated. Which was a major deal because of the fact that such a thing allowed them to manage some power for those elites and finally feel welcomed in the United States. However, they did not show much support for others that were below them, this is best seen with the labor union that established in the ads of San Francisco, which then hold great sway in the way San Francisco had been able to develop and grow. However there were mistreatment of minority groups, most notably the Chinese immigrants that had arrived in the state. Them living in the city and them relationship with the whites like they do that had shown the social climate of the city and what overall role it played in the foundation of  San Francisco during the time period.             There was also the treatment of the Chinese also played a major role in life. The main resentment for the Chinese was due in part by the laborers that were working in the city at the time.  The main labor party that existed in San Francisco had stated how, “To add to our misery and despair, a bloated aristocracy has sent to China—the greatest and oldest despotism in the world—for a cheap working slave. It rakes the slums of Asia to find the meanest slave on earth—the Chinese coolie¨(Kearny). The importance that is gained from looking at this is the fact that the hatred for these people came from the fact that they people in San Francisco saw the Chinese labors coming to work as merely competition for jobs and wages. They also felt that the company owners betrayed them as they had been felt like they’re being undercut by them in order for major business owners were decided to make a better profit by using a much cheaper workforce to do all the manual labor that the workers there were doing. This was important to the city social climate as that seeing a group of people enter and taking the jobs that you need to gain a living and/or provide for your family can lead to those workers, and by extension the most of the population living in the city, to interact with these people in a much more hostile feeling and be much more of a hostile feeling towards the Chinese. This was most clear with the most famous riot that had occurred in the city, the San Francisco riot of 1877. A protest that started out as a simple protest over the economic woes that had hit the city had made and ugly turn as, “it didn’t take long before the “labor strike” became an overt anti-Chinese action.” (Dowd). This showed how that the build up of resentment towards the Chinese ultimately lead to them taking all of their frustration with the system and be able to direct it towards be that had taken the jobs that they needed now more than ever. Needless to say, this would have worsen the race relations between the chinese as they felt hated by the dominant population and the whites in San Francisco who had felt like they’re losing an economic battle and the need for them to take serious action against that to be able to work and put food on the table. All this talk about the labor leads to the next important aspect that had played a role creating the foundation of the city during the industrial age, which would be the role of labor unions and the influence that they had held back then and how that had help make an impact on  forming the modern-day city during the industrial time period.              The labor unions had also helped play a role in shaping San Francisco during the industrial time period with how it was an example of helping the little and weak and prompting ideology that lead to many workers taking action against big business that had been in the city during this industrialization of the city. The labor union, most notably the Workingmen Party. “The Workingmen’s Party of California (WPC) had its roots in the primarily German socialist organization on the East Coast and evolved directly out of frustration with the two-party establishment”( Hall). The WPC took its philosophical inspiration, for the most part, by socialist teachings and this made them feel as to champion workers rights for the laborer as a way to allow the laborer to share the wealth that they had a hand in accumulating for the company as a whole. This is very important as that allowed them to reach their messages to more people as this allowed them to create a promise of getting what’s needed by the workers and how Hess being used by corporate elites so they need to join the WPC to fight against them to better your life and help with the progressive feeling that stirred across the country for a while in many places. The conflict that exists between the labor movement and corporate leaders are very important for the city in this time period as,”These conflicts are best described as class conflicts because the two sides have many conflicting objectives even though they have to cooperate to keep the company going” (Domhoff). This addresses the root of the problem for the unions and the owners as they both want it achieve their end and control the influence that they have in the company. The labor felt that they could gain a little of that control in their companies and they sought to get the rights they need. This is important as what was going on with labor had been going on across the nation involving major monopolies and company owners not respecting the rights of workers and making the slave away in unsanitary conditions. In that regard, the labor movement in San Francisco acts as a microcosm of the United States during the industrial revolution and all the results it had produced. On that note, it important to look at all these factors that help shape San Francisco and it time to evaluate how it help people develop the city and what means for the rest of the United States as a whole.            In the end, all the factors help lead to the factors of the city we have today and it’s important to know all this as its apart of America. Thanks to the industrialization as well as many other factors like the growth in population allowed the city to gain the advancement in technology and the The reason behind this is the fact that San Francisco still plays a major role in the culture and politics of California and by extension the rest of the United States. What will help the country continue to prosper and be a shining beacon for many other nations out in the world, it best to take a look at the major american cities like Chicago and Boston and San Francisco.  By doing this, we can take away what had help cause the development of those cities and how some of those factors to maintained to help the city continuing to prosper. This will also allow the United States as a whole to be better from as the wealth of the major cities will contribute to the country’s overall economy and help the small cities with their economies. Overall, the history that has been presented shows the great relevance of the city as it made us investigate how large scale events like immigration impacted the city. The was also investigating small events that affect the city itself like the earthquake in the early 1900s and the anti-Chinese riot in the 1870s. What these meant to the people that had lived there was it made them consider what to do in these types of situations that living in a region will create and what the future generations will do when confronted with the problems they grew up with. What it will mean for those living there for the present and what we must do to take the past and keep it for the present and the people that had been living in the city as of today.Work CitedBay Area Census — County Population, 1860-2000,, Dennis. “”Our Misery and Despair”: Kearney Blasts Chinese Immigration.” HISTORY MATTERS – The U.S. Survey Course on the Web, , W B. “Mapping the Nation – A Companion Site to Mapping the Nation by Susan Schulten.” Mapping the Nation Blog RSS, 1875, , Katie . “140 years ago, San Francisco was set ablaze during the city’s deadliest race riots.” Google, Google,”FoundSF.” IRISH San Francisco – FoundSF,, The Gem. “Gold in California.” Gold in California, 1 Jan. 1970,, Fred. “California Labor History.” California Labor Federation,”FoundSF.” The Workingmen’s Party & The Denis Kearney Agitation – FoundSF,”The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.” U.S. Geological Survey,

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