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Electronics Company Limited is the main subsidiary of South Korea’s Samsung
Group and also is the one of electronic producer in Asia and the four main
divisions of company is Digital Media, Semiconductors, Information&
Communication and Home Appliances (Jemes, 2001). Now of the Chief Executive
Officer of Samsung Electronics Company is Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon and become the company director on June 8, 2012 (Samsung, n.d.-a) .

The founder of Samsung is Lee Byung-chull (Michell,
2011). Lee Byung-chull is a
good leader in company because he had business mind and hardworking. Samsung
company had a tightly of management because the boss was knew everything of
company and he was interview in person on every hiring interview for every
employee (Andrei,
2011). At the first, Lee Byung-chull
was used 30,000won to start his business-Samsung on 1938 in Korea and the
company was only 40 employees and is a grocery store (Matthew,

first product of produced is the small of black-and-white television and sold
in the 1970s and after Samsung Company was began produced colour televisions
and variety of electronics products in 1977s, they were sold domestically and
after export to foreign market (Alan, 2010).In 1978s, Samsung sold around 4
million of black-and white television and started to produce microwave ovens (Matthew, 2012). At the 1980s, Samsung Company
was gradually beginning manufacture, ship and sells variety of home appliances
and electronics throughout worldwide.

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the trend of electronics technology and there has been a growing demand for
high-tech of electronic product, therefore Samsung Company decided to establish
the division. Samsung Electronics Company was founded in 1969 as a division of
the enlarge company of South Korea and become the most powerful electronic brand
name. Because Samsung was no experience produce TVs together, and
refrigerators, air conditioners, and electric fans, therefore they were joint
venture with Sanyo Company for set rolled off the assembly lines of black-and
white television (Chris,2013). But Samsung Company was consciousness about
their company had over dependent on foreign components and technology know-how
from foreign country. So, Samsung Company was decided to take back the majority
stake in Korea Semiconductor for get rid of the foreign tech and they were
began to produce its own silicon in 1978 (Chris, 2013).

2020 of Samsung Electronics Company of they want to achieve for the future is
“Inspire the World, Create the Future”. In Samsung Electronics, they
want to create a future that which have promising and clear vision for
everyone. This vision will inspire them to become more commitment to lead
innovation in technology product development and find out a better solution. And
Samsung Electronics Company also hope that communities from everywhere can to
join them for creating a better world of scientific and technology innovation (Samsung, n.d.). And the mission is they
contribute to a better scientific and technology innovation of society by
develop their high quality talent worker, continuous improve product and
technology to create and provide a standard quality of products and services.
The objective of Samsung Electronics Company is continuously improving the way
of people to interact with technology and bring advance technology into
customers’ lives. Samsung Company prioritize and pays attention to customers’
need, because they want to become a leader in technology industry and leading
people to an era of science and technology (Terry, 2015). 

the Samsung Electronics Company mainly sells the electronic product such as
televisions, video, and audio equipment; computers and related products;
phones, cellular phones, and fax machines; home appliances; semiconductors;
network-related products; factory automation products; fiber optics products;
closed circuit security products; motors and compressors; and solar energy
systems(Karen & Lily, 2014). After Samsung Company was
leading the market position in the code division multiple access (CDMA)
technology and this technology also gave them confidence and motivation to
expand business to abroad (Lee & Lee, 2004).

a result, Samsung expanded its operations to the mobile market in 2012,
becoming the largest maker of the mobile industry and used its $ 3-4 billion
upgrade of the Austin, Texas semiconductor manufacturing plant to maintain a
dominant position (Matthew, 2012). Samsung also won a
U.S. patent and is recognized by most electronics companies and won more than
7,500 utility model patents in 2016 (Damian, 2017).

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