Dear it will not be incongruous to mention

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Dear Sir,

I have to inform your good-self that under certain compelling circumstances I am badly in need of a medium size locker. In this connation, it will not be incongruous to mention here that I have been maintaining Savings Account with your bank for the last ____________ (Years) and am very happy with the services rendered to me by the officials of your bank.

I am residing in the vicinity of your bank and as such it is an extreme privilege for me to operate my Savings Account No. ____________ with your bank only.

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Under the circumstances, I shall be highly obliged if you would very kindly favour me by providing a medium size locker. For further discussion I am very much interested to meet you, personally to discuss the matter further and accordingly request you to intimate me the date and time when I can call on you to devour your valuable time for some time. I would also like, to inform you that for getting a locker I am prepared to have fixed deposit of ____________ (Amount) with your bank.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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