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I contacted the placement firm, ____________ (Firm name), on ____________ (Date) and was informed by them that a vacancy of Administration Manager exists in your esteemed firm. I would like to offer my candidature for this post and would like to append the following information for your perusal and necessary action.

I am ____________ (Your name), ____________ (age), married, have two children and settled in ____________ (Place Name) since ____________ (Date). My wife is an accountant and my children are about to complete their schooling years.

I completed my undergraduate degree in business administration (BBA) from the ____________ (University Name). I graduated with top honours with specialisation in Public Administration. Later, I went to ____________ (University Name) and completed the graduation course.

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I obtained an overall GPA of 3.23 during my undergraduate course and an overall GPA of 4.00 during my graduate course. Later, I went to ____________ (Place name) and worked for a steel manufacturer for ten months as Assistant Manager-Administration.

Later, I came to my hometown and joined ____________ (Company Name) as Manager-Administration. I have been working for this firm since ____________ (Date). My pay package includes ____________ (Amount) per week, car, perks and family accommodation.

My areas of operation include routine administration, office management, company law and recruitments. My CV has been attached for your perusal and necessary action. If you need more information, please call me at the phone number appended in the CV.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

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