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The sales sector is responsible
for communicating with current customers and making sure that they will be
gaining more customers that are interested in the products the business
releases. The main roles of the sales is to present the products and give a
description of what it does and how to use it. They will also have to be able
to know how many products are available to sell and how much is in stock. The
sales department will orders from the customers and communicate the data to the
manufacturing department about what should be made for the client.


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The purchasing sector has the
responsibility of buying the resources to make the product. The purchasing
department will communicate with other business to sell their product and
internal departments to locate the best quality and most appropriate items
required. The main role of the purchasing department is to find and locate the
supplier with the best quality products at the best or the cheapest price. They
will also have to find the company that will deliver the purchased products
fast and efficiently.  


The marketing sector is only
concerned with the customers and any rival or competing business. They will be
checking the amount of sales the business makes over the week or month and will
compare it to their rivals to see what they need more or less of. For example
if a product is not selling as well as the others the marketing will have that
product removed or put it in sale.


The finance sector has an
important job because they are in charge of keeping track of how much money
goes in the business and the money going out of the business. The finance is
also focused on what the business spends the money on.  Like for example the finance will track of
the daily or weekly income that the business makes.

Purposes of information

Operational support   

Monitoring and controlling activity

Monitoring and controlling can be
used by organisations and can make the most out of the money coming into the
business and can also reducing  the cost
of the delivery and incorrect items. One way this can be used in a business is
by monitoring the stock of the products and then the business can order more
once they have run out. Also they can monitor which of their products made the
most income in to the business and then the company can order more of that
certain product




Identify patterns or trends

An important part of managing a
successful organisation is to look and find patterns or trends in the way
customers buy your products. If you can identify a pattern or a trend your
business can have a rise in the profit and can minimise the losses by

Decision making         


Operational decisions are
everyday choices.  The operational
decision should be in tune with the strategic decisions. The operational
decisions will have positive results on the business because   the
income will be higher, the employees will be happier so then the productivity
will be higher and since the employees are happier the customer will be


Tactical choices are medium term,
less difficult choices made by managers that are in the middle. They take after
on from key choices and plan to meet the goals communicated in the strategic


The strategic decisions will
affect the entire business. This involves making crucial decisions for the
business and making sure that the business will continue to evolve. When the
goals are set the strategic decisions made will aim to achieve that goal.

Gaining commercial advantage

An advantage gained by a business
when it can provide the same value at a better price than their rivals but, or
can charge customers higher prices and providing a greater service than any
other business rival.
















Sources of information



The account records is the best
source of internal information. The account record can detail all the records
of the things the business has spent their money on and this can be used to
plan for the future.


This is the area that buys the
needed supplies for the business or the services. if a certain department wants
to buy something that they think will help the business it has to go through
the purchasing and they will also need to find the cheapest and best price



The sales department goal is to
sell the products that the business has to sell. This means that they will deal
with any questions that the customer has about the product and expand the amount
of customers.  



governments, both central and local, expect the business to supply them with a
lot of information. Once the government has handled and briefed this
information, the data can frequently be re-used again and again.

Commercially provided

Most business will buy and use
information from an outside source. Also some business can specify in trading
information, this may be were the business will buy and resell the information
to other business for the information.   


Organizations can research
information that may enable them to expand the transactions and the level of
interest people have for their business. The key thing to researching your
customers is to ensure that the database is up to date also accurate and able
to be dependable upon

Reliability of data sources

There is a lot of data sources
that a company can receive which can be both good and bad sources. For example
the source that a news site provides has to be 100% reliable to give to the
people that read the site or listen to the news. 

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