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Most companies across the globe spend a lot of money on employee development. This shows the importance companies place on sales training. However, not every sales training is effective. New sales representative training should enhance achievement of certain objectives.

It should focus on improving company knowledge. It should allocate ample time and the appropriate amount of information, to improve new sales representatives, knowledge of the company (Rosen, 2008). This should include the company history, mission, core values, vision, policies and procedures.

Another objective is to clarify responsibilities and expectations. Sales training should leave the new sales representatives with a clear understanding of their daily duties. It should also aim at improving product knowledge. One of the key objectives of sales training is to make a salesperson understand the products or services that he or she will sell in the market. Sales training should also enhance sales skills (Magee, 2002).

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New sales representatives should know how to tackle different customers and they should understand the techniques of persuading them to buy a product or a service. Sales training should also lift the morale of the new sales representatives. The new sales representatives are supposed to acquire a lot of knowledge after the completion of the training. They are supposed to acquire product and service knowledge.

During sales training, the sales representatives should be informed about the products and services they will be selling to customers. They should also learn about the background of the company, mission, core values and the company policies (McClain, 2006). They will also understanding their daily activities and duties. They also learn how to sell products and services, and how to deal with clients. Upon completion of the training, they should be fully confident in their ability to handle different types of customers.

They should also be able to create a solid business relationship with clients, as well as convincing and persuading them to purchase the product (Rosen, 2008). The new sales representatives should be informed about quality performance expected from him or her in the selling process. They should understand the importance of quality performance towards dealing with respective clients.

Mr. Munoz should understand that the new sale representatives are supposed to be equipped with the selling skills. Sales representative should be taught on how to enhance sales skills in order to become good salespersons. Since these are new sales representative, they should be taught the art of selling.

They should also be equipped with customer relationship skills and communication skills (Magee, 2002). The work of a sales representative is to sell the company’s products and services to customers. The sales representatives should also have interests and passion of selling. Sales need a passionate person as it deals with persuading customers and prospective customers to buy a product or a service.

The best way to carry out the new sales representative training is to put him or her together with the customer service team. This is because the customer service employees are aware of the company’s products. The company should allow the new staff to listen to customer service calls and service calls, and allow him or her to go through the documentation about the products and services offered by the company.

This documentation may include brochures, manuals, user guides, and websites. After the new staff becomes informed about the products and services offered by the company, pair them up with a salesperson that has been in the company for a long time. Allowing the new employee to listen to a customer phone call will help him or her understand the sales process (McClain, 2006). Finally, give the new employee permission to make calls and appointments under the supervision of a senior experienced salesperson.

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