Saint George was born in Cappadocia.  Cappadocia was in the eastern part of the Roman Empire.  Now it is located in Turkey.  His approximate birth date is unknown (St. George, Martyr, Protector Of The Kingdom Of England, p. 82).  Saint George’s father was named Gerontius and his mother was named Polychronia. They were both Christians. When George was fourteen his father died . There is little documented evidence about Saint George. Most of his life are myths and legends (“St. George” Saint George joined the Roman army and rose to a high rank. He was honored by the emperor for his bravery. The emperor at the time was Emperor Diocletian (Lovasik p. 34). He ruled during the peak of the Roman empire. Saint George grew up in a Christian faith, much different from the Romans’ pagan gods. In a legend it states that he fought a dragon. There was a waterhole outside of a city where the people went to get water, but one day a dragon was there. Some people say the dragon was a crocodile with wings, others say that it was a large scaled creature, and others say it was a large dragon that breathed poison instead of fire (The Life of Saint George). When the people of the city tried to fight the dragon, almost half of their city was burned. The people of the city started to sacrifice two sheep every day. When there were no more sheep they had to start sacrificing a person. Every day they would hold a lottery and chose a person to be sacrificed. Then the princess was chosen. The king told the citizens of the city not to send her, but the court said they had to. The king sent the princess in her wedding gown because he would never see her wedding day and because she would be “married to death” (The Life of Saint George).  Saint George arrived.  He stabbed the dragon with his lance. This weaken the dragon and made it unable to fight.  (The Life of Saint George). Then he used the princess’s girdle to lead the dragon to the city where he killed it. Right after he killed it, the king and everyone else in the kingdom was converted to Christianity. The king asked George to stay but he declined and he said he had more dragons to fight. Many other people say they saw him at other locations. Some people even say they saw him fighting a dragon. (Geraldine McCaughrean, Saint George and the dragon p. 1-30). This legend symbolizes the Christians’ fight against evil and sin as said in One Hundred Saints “the battle between good and evil.”  Saint George represents a Christian and the dragon represents evil and sin. This also proves that everybody can overcome sin by being brave. Saint George was very brave and saved the people of the city. This became a popular children’s story to teach the meaning to young Christians.   Another legend said that he knew Constantine, the first Catholic Roman Emperor (The Life of Saint George).Emperor Diocletian started persecuting Christians. The emperor created laws that said all churches would be closed, all holy writings were to be burned, all Christian citizens were to be enslaved, and all high ranking Christians were given lower positions. Saint George was furious with these acts, so he gave his money to the poor and the enslaved. He also freed enslaved Christians (The Life of Saint George). Saint George had to resign from his position in the Roman army.  He spoke directly against the Roman emperor. The emperor tried to get him to become a pagan. He offered him money, land, and power (Lovasik P. 34). When Saint George declined and did not want to change his religion, he was caught and was thrown in prison and tortured. While he was in prison the emperor sent a beautiful woman to turn him away from Christianity but he converted her to Christianity and she was then martyred. After he was tortured with hot irons and whips. He was miraculously healed each time. Some legends say that he was given a goblet of poison. He made the sign of the cross over the poison and drank it. He was not harmed by the poison. Legends say that George died many times when he was being tortured but, was risen from the dead by Jesus Christ. He was taken to the palace where he met Alexandra, Emperor Diocletian’s wife. George converted her to Christianity. When the emperor found out about this he killed Alexandra along with George that same day. They were beheaded in about 303 A. D. His remains were sent to Lydda where there is now a church (The Life of Saint George). Today Lydda is the modern city of Lod. After Emperor Diocletian, Emperor Constantine came to power he was the first christian Emperor. He repealed the laws that persecuted christians (The Life of Saint George).Saint George was canonized by Pope Gelasius (“Saint George” Saint George is the patron saint of England, Boy Scouts, and soldiers. He was appointed the patron saint of England under Norman kings (Hoever, pp. 159-160).  Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, saw his actions as scout-like, which means he was trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent (Boy Scouts St. George, Craughwell, p. 73). I chose Saint George because he is the patron saint of Boy Scouts. He has qualities I would like to have, for example, he stuck to his faith during hard times. Additionally, he was brave and helped a city by fighting a dragon. I would like to possess these qualities because I would like to become a better person. Saint George’s feast day is April 23 also known as Saint George’s Day in England. This is a popular holiday where shopkeepers in London put up Saint George’s cross. Saint George’s cross is most commonly known for the cross worn by crusaders. Soldiers were fighting a battle when they saw Saint George over them with the white and red cross. They said it helped them win the battle so they painted all their armor and shields that design. Other people say they saw him fighting at the battle of Antioch (Hoever, pp. 159-160).  On Saint George’s day there are parades (McCaughrean, Saint George and the dragon, p. 30). Though Saint George had a hard life, I would like to have his qualities. Saint George is a saint because he kept his faith in hard times and did not give up his religion for money, power, and land. He choose to leave his job because of his faith. He was very brave and fought a dragon to save many people. He also was seen at the crusades helping crusaders win battles. These are miracles because these happened after his death. He was a saint because he was willing to die for God. He also trusted God.  He is called the great Martyr by greek people (Hoever, pp. 159-160). Today he is considered a warrior saint (Britanica). Saint George still inspires people to live like him to this day.

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