s of fragmentations, allocations and replications of

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Distributed Database: Horizontal
Fragmentation Technique

Maria Abbas

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Department of Computer Science
 Virtual University of Pakistan

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Abstract—Distributed database is playing a vital
role in this era of technology. There is a increase demand of allotted database
and client/server applications in the commercial market for the desire of
understandable, reliable, measurable and reachable electronic records keeping
system that will be developed regularly. Distributed is most powerful term that
is used to increase the reliability and performance of database.

of fragmentations, allocations and replications of the facts called Facts

forward to this research, it is based on the equipped fragmentation solutions
based on the factual records about the type and frequency of the submitted
queries to the centralized device.These answers are not enough for the
preliminary layout of database for the distributed mechanism. The main purpose
of this illustraion is to given an introduction to the distributed database
which is becoming very famous with the approaches of its environment,
fragmentation and horizontal fragmentation.

fragmentation has an important effect in increasing the performance of its
effectiveness that strongly effects the distributed design phase.

this paper, we have presented a Method for Fragmentation that can be
implemented either on start or  last stage
of distributed database mechanism for the partitioning. Allocation of
fragmentation and setting the rules can be done at the same time. The end
results would show that the proposed technique can resolve early troubles
caused by fragmentation in relational database for distributed systems.


Keywords— Database, Distributed Database,
Allocation, Fragmentation and Horizontal Fragmentation,



1.1   Distributed
Database System


A distributed database is a collection
of multiple interconnected  database that
located at different physical locations but connected via computer network.

It is not always necessary that
database machine has to be geographically distributed.The sites can have the
same network address or can be done in the same room. As communication
generation, hardware, software program protocols enhance hastily and expenses
of community portions of equipment fall each day, growing distributed database
structures grow to be increasingly more viable. Designing  of a efficient distributed database has been
one of the major  research areas in
distributed and information technology areas.

A distributed database management
system (DDBMS) is defined as the software system that allows the management of
distributed database DDB and makes the distribution clear to the users.

A distributed database system (DDBS) is
the combination of DDB and DDBMS. This combition fomed by merging the database
and networking technology together. It can also be defined as the system runs
on different machines but appears to be single (machine) to the users. Few are
the definitions regarding these assumptions:


Data is
always stored on multiple websites. Each site can be consists of single or
multiple processor but DBMS concern  is
neither with storage nor with management of data on different machines

processors of these websites are interconnected via computer network instead of
multiprocessor configuration.

 To make a DDB, data should be logically
distributed and related, relationships are defined with some formula and high
level access to the data should be given.

The device
has the full capability of a DBMS.


Distributed processing on DBMS is a
well organized way for improving the performance of applications that manages
the large volume of data. This may be done by means of putting off irrelevant data
accessed at some stage in the execution of queries and by using decreasing the data
trade among websites, which can be the two predominant goals of the layout of
disbursed databases. Main objective of distributed database system  design is to make relational
fragmentation  for relational database
and make class fragmentation in the case of OOP (Object oriented Programming)
database, their allocation and duplication and perform local optimization in
each sites as well.





     The main purpose of distributed database
system design is to make relational fragmentation in the case of relational
database and make classes in the case of object oriented database, their
allocation and duplication and perform local optimization in every page of each
website . Fragmentation means to divide a single relation or divide a class of
database into two or more fragments (partitions) provided these fragments as a
single orginal database with no loss of information.Thus the database
application access less amount of irrelevant data and decreasing the disk
accesses.. Fragmentation can be horizontal, vertical or hybrid.


1.2.1 Horizontal Fragmentation

Horizontal Fragmentation (HF) permits a
relation or class to be partitioned into disjoint tuples or instances.The
reason behind the horizontal fragmentation 
that every webite should have all the information when there is a query
from the site and also these informations should be fragmented to make it
easier to perform queries so quickly.

Horizontal fragmentation is described
as selection operation, ? _p(R).

As an example,
the subsequent relation

fname, lname, site, pos, salary)




Vertical fragmentation (VF) allows a
relation or class to be partitioned into disjoint sets of columns or attributes
besides  the primary key. Every partition
should consist of the primary key characteristic(s) of the required table. This
arrangement could make feel while different websites are accessed for
processing different functions involving an entity.

A goal of vertical fragmentation is to
partition a relation into a hard and fast of smaller relations  so that most of  the applications will run on only one

a)       Vertical fragmentation of a relation R produces
fragments R1, R2,  . . . , each of which
contains a subset of R’s attributes.

b)       Vertical fragmentation is defined using the
projection operation of the relational algebra:

? _A1,
A2,…, An(R)



1.2.3 Hybrid

 The aggregate of horizontal and vertical
fragmentations is mixed or hybrid fragmentations (MF). In this type, the table
is divided into arbitrary blocks, based totally on the wanted requirements. each
fragmentation can be allocated directly to a selected site. This sort of
fragmentation is the maximum complicated one, which needs more control, in most
instances easy horizontal or vertical fragmentation of DB applications.

Mixed fragmentation (hybrid fragmentation) consists of
a horizontal fragment accompanied schema will not be sufficient to satisfy the
necessities of the through a vertical fragmentation, or a vertical
fragmentation observed by a horizontal fragmentation. blended Fragmentation has
defined the usage of the selection and projection operations of relational


? _A1,…,An(_p(R))


The primary motives of fragmentation of
the relations are to increase locality of reference of the queries submitted to
the database, improve reliability and availability of information and overall
performance of the system, stability storage capacities and reduce conversation
charges among websites.

Preceding strategies of HF, VF or MF
have the subsequent troubles in not unusual:

They use
frequency of queries, midterm predicates’ affinity or characteristic affinity
matrix (AAM) as a basis of fragmentation. These require sufficient empirical
facts that are not available in maximum cases on the preliminary step.

Maximum of
them concentrate only fragmentation problem and omitted allocation problem to
reduce complexity.


Allocation is the method of assigning
the fragments of a database on the websites of a disbursed network. Whilst
statistics are allocated, it can both be replicated and maintained as a single
copy. The replication of fragments improves reliability and performance of
read-simplest queries but growth replaces value

   This report, we’ve got provided a brand new
approach for horizontal fragmentation of the relations of a dispensed database.
This technique is capable of taking proper fragmentation selection on the
preliminary stage with the aid of the use of the expertise collected at some
stage in requirement analysis segment without the assist of empirical
information about query execution. It can additionally allocate the fragments
properly a number of the websites of DDBMS.

Literature Review


Distributed databases aren’t new, nor
are they an attention particular to patron/server architectures or relational
databases. Records distribution wishes, no question, arose immediately after
the first database control systems appeared 30 years ago, and various solutions
to the distribution trouble have been implemented over time on mainframe and
minicomputer platforms using a wide type of database control software program.

HF the use of min-time period predicate
is first proposed with the aid of Ceri et al. 5. Ozsu and Valduriez proposed
an iterative set of rules COMMIN to generate a complete and minimal set of
predicates from a given set of easy predicates 1. Navathe et al. proposed a
MF approach. The entrance of the procedure incorporates a predicate affinity
table and a characteristic affinity desk 3. Bai˜oo et al. inputted predicate
affinity matrix to construct a predicate affinity graph as a result define
horizontal magnificence fragments 4. Navathe et al. used attribute usage
matrix (AUM) and the Bond power set of rules to provide vertical fragments 6.
Shin and Irani proposed the expertize-based approach wherein user reference
clusters are derived from the person query to the database and the know-how
about the information 7. Ra supplied a graph-based totally algorithm for HF
wherein predicates are clustered primarily based on the predicate affinities
8. Cheng et al. provided a genetic algorithm primarily based fragmentation
method that treats horizontal fragmentation as a visiting salesman hassle 9.
Ma et al. Used a characteristic uses frequency matrix (AUFM) and a value model
for VF 10. Alfares et al. used AAM to generate businesses primarily based on
affinity values 11. Marwa et al. use the example request matrix to
horizontally fragment item-orientated database 12. Abuelyaman proposed a
static algorithm StatPart for VF 13. Mahboubi H. and Darmont J. used
predicate affinity for HF in information warehouse 14.

To the high-quality of our expertise,
handiest Abuelyaman 13 furnished a solution for preliminary fragmentation of
family members of a dispensed database. A randomly generated reflexivity
matrix, a symmetry matrix, and a transitivity module were used to supply
vertical fragments of the relations and no algorithm for horizontal
fragmentation. However, he couldn’t justify his hypothesis that why it will
produce correct fragments.



To tackle the issue of taking
appropriate discontinuity choice at the underlying phase of a dispersed
database, we have given another method of fracture. That is to part a
connection on a level plane as indicated by the territory of priority of its
characteristics. Quality territory priority (ALP) can be characterized as the
estimation of the significance of ascribe as for locales of a dispersed
database. High mountain table will be built by database creator for every
connection of a DDBMS at the season of outlining the database with the
assistance of changed CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) network and cost
capacities. A piece chart of our framework is delineated in Figure 5.




     A connection in a database contains
distinctive sorts of characteristics those portray properties of the
connection. However, the critical thing is that the qualities of a connection
don’t have the same significance as for information circulation in various destinations.
As indicated by above significance we can ascertain region priority of each
characteristic for every connection and develop ALP table for the relations.


 CRUD Matrix

       A CRUD ( information to-area ) grid is a
table of which lines show properties of the substances of a connection and
segments demonstrate distinctive areas of the applications (forms that
influence those qualities). In the event that a specific entity attribute, the ideal cellular is stuffed in
with the letters C, R, U, or D.A “C” inside the mobile of a CRUD
matrix suggests that the procedure every now and then creates new instances of
the corresponding entity kind. An “R” within the cellular shows that
the technique on occasion reads present times of the entity kind. A
“U” within the cellular suggests that the procedure from time to time
updates instances of the corresponding entity type. A “D” in the
cellular shows that the method occasionally deletes times of the corresponding
entity kind.

A technique does no longer
always use an entity each time it takes place. This doesn’t suggest that the
interplay should now not be proven on the CRUD matrix. If the process ever
makes use of the entity, the interaction should be documented in the CRUD
matrix. A CRUD matrix is used by the system analysts and designers within the
requirement evaluation phase of machine development existence cycle for making
a decision of statistics mapping to specific locations.

MCRUD Matrix – we have
modified the prevailing CRUD matrix in line with our requirement of HF and name
it changed Create, read, update, and Delete (MCRUD) matrix. It is a table
constructed via setting predicates of attributes of a relation as the rows and
applications of the websites of a DDBMS as the columns. We’ve got used MCRUD to
generate ALP desk for every relation.

We handled cost because the
effort of access and amendment of a particular attribute of a relation by software
from a specific web page. For calculating precedence of an attribute of a
relationship we take the MCRUD matrix of the relation as an input and use the
following price features:



For simplicity, we’ve
assumed that fC, fR, fU and fD=1 and C=2, R=1, U=3, and D=2. The justification
of the belief is that on the layout time of a disbursed database, the
dressmaker will not recognize the actual frequencies of reading, delete, create
and update of a selected attribute from specific packages of a site and
generally update incurs extra value than create and delete, and studying from
database constantly incurs least value.


After construction of ALP
desk for a relation, predicate set P will be generated for the attribute with
highest precedence cost in the ALP desk. Finally, each relation might be
fragmented horizontally the use of the predicates of P as selection predicate.
The strategies can be honestly understood from the following algorithm and
pseudo code of Fig 6 and 7.










      To justify our approach, we’ve applied a
disbursed banking database device. One of the relations of the database is
debts shown in table 1. To begin with range of websites of the distributed
system is 3.


Production of MCRUD Matrix

         We’ve built the MCRUD matrix for the
money owed relation inside the requirement evaluation segment. Part of MCRUD
matrix is shown in figure 8.

Count of ALP

       We have ascertained region priority of
each character from the MCRUD lattice of Accounts connection as per the cost
elements of condition (1)- (5). Computing the region priority of the trait
Branch appears in Figure 9.


       As indicated by the cost capacities,
estimation of the predicate Branch=Pune is (8+4+8) – (1+1) = 18, Branch=Nagpur
is (8+8+1) – (1+1) = 15 and Branch=Mumbai is (8+3+6) – 0 = 17. So ALP of Branch
= 18+15+17 = 50.




Production of ALP table

   ALP values of all the attributes of the
bills relation were computed from its MCRUD matrix. The attribute with highest
precedence price could be handled as a maximum crucial attribute for
fragmentation. Table 2 indicates the ALP table for accounts relation.


Technology of Predicate Set

Predicate set become generated for department, the attribute with
maximum locality priority of accounts relation.

        P= p1:
department=Lahore, p2:  department=Islamabad,
p3:  department= Karachi

Fragmentation of Relation

      In keeping with the predicate set P,
Account relation       turned into fragmented and allotted to 3
sites (figure 10) proven in table 3-5.




    From the above end result, we are able to
see that our method has effectively fragmented the money owed relation and
allocated the fragments a few of the websites of the allotted device. As we
have only taken highest valued characteristic from ALP table, no unwanted
fragments had been created. Other relations of the dispensed banking database
can be fragmented in the same manner as bills.

    For simplicity, we’ve got taken into
consideration only four websites of the machine for allocation. It is really
worth bringing up that our fragmentation methods will paintings within the equal
manner for a large range of sites of any allotted machine.


          On this file, we presented an advent
to disbursed database system through a study that centered two most important
components: within the first part, we supplied an exploration of the allotted
database environment and types of fragmentation. Inside the 2d component, we
discover the horizontal fragmentation method of a relation in line with the
locality of priority of its attributes.

      Making right fragmentation of the family
members and allocation of the fragments is a chief studies location in
distributed databases. Many techniques have been proposed by way of the researchers
using empirical information of records get entry to and query frequencies. But
right fragmentation and allocation on the preliminary degree of a disbursed
database have not but been addressed. In this report, we have supplied a
fragmentation technique to partition family members of a dispensed database
well on the initial degree when no records get right of entry to facts and
question execution frequencies are to be had. The use of our technique, no
additional complexity is added for allocating the fragments to the sites of a
distributed database as fragmentation is synchronized with allocation. So the
performance of a DDBMS can be advanced notably through averting common far off
get admission to and high records transfer among the sites. This work may be
prolonged to assist fragmentation in distributed object-oriented databases as




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