Rose: “I bet on baseball”
Who: Pete Rose, former manager of the Cincinnati Reds
When: Thursday, January 8, 2004
What: Pete Rose, accused of betting on baseball, publicly
announced the truth in his book My Prison Without Bars, which
was released on Thursday
Where: In his new autobiography, My Prison Without Bars
Why: Rose, figuring if he came clean they would take away his ban on
baseball so he would have a chance at the Hall of Fame
How: Pete Rose had been gambling in baseball for 14 years. After being
caught, baseball attorney John Dowd estimated that Rose had bet 412 times,
52 of them on Cincinnati wins. In his book, Rose finally admitted he had
placed bets with Ronald Peters. When quoted, he said “If I had been a
alcoholic or drug addict, baseball would have suspended me for six weeks
and paid for my rehab. I should have gotten help, but baseball had no fancy
rehab for gamblers like they do for drug addicts.” Also, he stated that
gambling had no affect on his managing, nor had he betted against the Reds.

“The way I saw it, I didn’t really have a problem.” Unfortunately, this
decision isn’t up to him, and the commissioner of baseball is still trying
to decide if he should be in or out.

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