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Rugby Rugby is one of the most played sports in the world,rugby is a team based sport, it is a very physically demanding sport. It allows people to use their strength and also their skills in the game. The most common form of rugby is played with rugby 15 players on both teams it is usually called by different names such as:Rugby union Fifteens rugbyThis version of rugby is played world wide and has many different nation teams that play at the rugby World Cup every four years. There are different rules that allow rugby games to be fair and also fun.7s rugbySevens is a well know sport now which is getting very popular in many local school and colleges, theres usallly local tournaments on. But now it has reached to elite levels and even the olympics, men and women are in the world rugby sevens.Sevens is played on a full size pitch but just with less people than a 15s game. Their is now a large amount of space to run so it is more intesne and the fitness levels are really testes throughout the games.its none stop as the game is so fast paced for the duration of the game.Tag and touch rugbyTag rugby and touch rugby is two versions of rugby without the contact. It is a safer version and also a good game to play among children. Touch rugby is widely played as it is often used as a training skill. It is used because it tests peoples induration skills and also it very physical game to play.Wheelchair rugbyWheelchair rugby is also a different type of rugby as it allows women and men to have a mixed team. It allows contact between wheelchairs and people use their chairs to block and hold the opposite team members.wheelchairs are designed and made for rugby so that nobody would get hurt but also it allows fairess in th egame.It is played as an Paralympic sport in over 40 different countries.This photo here was taken in 2012 of Ryley Batt, this is the final between Australia and Canada.Fun factsThe highest number of points won in the rugby cup game was 162 when new zeland played againts japan, beating them 145 to 17. It has been told that rugby was invited at rugby school in 1823 when a boy called William Webb Ellis caught a ball and ran with it in a football match,From then on rugby has changed sports completely. Rugby balls were plum shaped first of all when it was created as they were made from bladders of a pig fr the shape. When rugby first came about a try had no value but it allowed the other team to try a kick at the goalTypes of passesTypes of pass include spin,pop, flick, offload, reverse or blind.Spin passA normal spin pass is one of the key passes that is used throughout the duration of the game, a spin on the ball is used to get the ball to go a greater distance and to also go faster.Spinning the ball is something that doesn’t come easy but if you practice and practice it becomes more natural over time. By using a spin on the odd it also allows more control on the ball then having a simple pass. Accuracy is always more important than a spin as you should focus on getting the ball to a teammate before getting the spin right. It is very important for a spin pass in a scrum and also for fly halves.For passing the ball, you need to hold the ball in front of your body in two hands which each hand spread out on the top and the bottom. To pass the ball the power for your stronger hand needs to come from the back of the ball and for the aim the weaker hand has to aim towards the front of the ball. You need to keep the power arm high for accuracy and distance.It’s is very important you use the right hand placement also as if you are right handed it would be different to being left handed. If you don’t know which had is your stronger try each side to get a good idea.Turn your upper body to face the target. With the ball still down at your hips, rotate your shoulders to your teammate. The better your shoulders are squared up to them, the more accurate your throw will be.It is often best to practice in a horizontal line. This allows you to focus on throwing sideways, turning your shoulders for each throw while your feet face forwardFor Example:Steff is right handed so his right hand is the main hand to pass the ball with. The left hand is on top just to guide the ball along when it is passed.There are three very important skills that are needed theses are Finger placement The control of the ballSpin passing.Fingers need to be spread when holding the ball as it gives you maximum control of where the ball is going and the ball itself.You need to create a cage like structure so that the ball can not escape and it doesn’t drop out of your hands.Pop Pass A pop pass is not like a spin pass it is not used for speed or distance in fact it is just used to get the ball to a team mate that is nearby and away from the oppiste team. The right way to do this pass is by holding the ball up veritcally with both hands on the lower half of the ball, you need to flick both of your wrist at the same time in order to project the ball upwards. It is often used for when the other team have a very  strong defence line, also when heading into contact and their is no chance of a spin pass or anything else.HAND HIP DRIVEStart with the ball sitting on the outside of the hipNo backward movement before you pass.Push out from the hit.Arms finishes towards target The aim of the drill is to develop players wrist strengthThe rugby pass allows movement in the hands and wrist bonesFlexion Extension Supination Probation Body should be almost completely extended. Make sure your arms stay fully extend until the ball is out of your reach to ensure that it stays on the path you want. After you are disconnected with the ball, you can hen bend your arms to catch yourself.If You do not have the right positioning it will make the throwing of the ball and also where you want the ball to be thrown too.women rugby playersSioned harries Number 8Nearly 50 capsCoaches tumble ladiesWhen it comes to women rugby there isnt really a lot of history that comes with it only that the earliest time it was recorded was 1887 in ireland  by a girl called emily valentine who decide to play along side her brothers on the boys team in schoo. She then went on to score a try on the team which made her the first offical woman to play rugby.The difference between women and mens rugby is crazy, most women dont get paid for each match where as men use rugby as a full time job which doesnt show the equailty between sexies at all. It has been said that full time women rugby players contrats are worth £18,000 full time and part time is £6,000 where men rugby players get atleast £22,000 per match. Its been told that women who tried to form a womens touring team in New Zealand in 1891 but it was band because of the pressure of the public and how the socaity  was taken by what was happening . There are also some vague references to women playing rugby in France in 1903 and in England in 1913¹ primarily in secret due to societal issues and pressures. It isn’t until 16 December 1917 that documentation exists of women playing a charity match at Cardiff Arms Park between the Cardiff Ladies and the Newport Ladies, with Cardiff winning 6-0

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