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POLS 2306 CRN 21650


I believe that being
ethical also means to act with responsibility and to believe in something
regardless of the opinion of people. One must believe in something because they
themselves believe in it, and because they had that idea born in them, not
because they were influenced by others around them to believe in something.
People have to be unique and smart. I believe that the fact that I am
responsible and believe in my choices and actions made me intervene in the situation.
My beliefs are something that nobody can change, and I truly believe that the
general was wrong, so that is why I intervene. The reason behind this is
because he did not have a concrete reason to do such thing. He was judging based
on ideas not on facts. I believe that the life of someone should depend more on
facts that on someone ideas, so the general would have been better off
investigating the murder of his people deeply and then make judgements, rather
than to just kill anyone without facts to prove that it was them that were


I made the assumption that nobody has the
right to take someone else’s life without probable cause and valid reason. Specially
if it is because someone is mad at somebody else. Taking someone’s life just
because you think they did something, and you have no evidence to prove such
thing is murder, you are taking away the life of innocent people. There should
be a threat to the life of one self in order to have the right and reason to
take someone’s life. I do not see a threat on the life of the general, so he
should not take away the life of these people. Life does not rewind, and we are
not born again, it is something that once taken away is once and forever. So,
before he kills the guys he should perform an investigation of the murder of
his people, because if not, it will not be fair for the guys to be killed.
There is no way to make the guys come back to life, if later they are find


I believe that nobody is guilty until proven
otherwise. So, before the general made any assumptions about the guys killing
his men, he should run an investigation on the crime, and gather clues that can
lead to the truth, and to find the real assassins of his people. If they are in
fact found guilty, then they should be penalized, but if they are innocent, the
general should not violate the right of life to these guys because they are innocent,
and they should not pay the price on something they did not do.


There are a few circumstances that can explain
the actions of the officer towards these people. I believe that he feels guilty
for the death of his men because he couldn’t do anything to save their life. He
probably wants to put the blame on these guys to have a sense of satisfaction,
and relief about the death of his people. The officer did not do anything to
prevent the death of his people in the first place so it is pointless to do it
now because is too late, his guys are already dead. I also believe that he felt
like him and his men were powerful, and the fact that they killed his men makes
him seem weak. He probably does not want to be seen as a weak person, or as an
easy target. He wants to kill these guys so other people would stop killing his
men. Also, by doing this he would gain more respect as general on the city or
town he is on. Probably by killing these men, he will avoid the future deaths
of his soldiers.


I would need to know if the guy went through something
similar where another general, or someone put him in a difficult situation. Because
if he was put in a similar situation before, he probably thinks that this is
the right thing to do. He wants to do this to people, because they did it to
him. He was probably oppressed or even bullied as a child by his family or
classmates, or even in the military training by one of his officers. I believe
he went through a lot of hard and sad situations which made him sad and depressed,
and now all he is looking to do is to do the same thing to these guys and act
like everything is alright.


I would have told the guy to kill me, because
by doing this, I would have satisfied my personal ethical standards, which is
to act responsible and based on facts not on words. I would have given my life
to protect my opinion on this issue which was to let others know that someone
is not guilty until proven otherwise. There has to be a probable cause and reason
to kill someone, and what the general was doing was just wrong because he did
not have any proof that these guys were the assassins of his men, he was just going
by his killer instinct. Although I should have not intervened in the situation,
I would’ve because I believe I was not in any way disrespecting other cultures.
I believe that taking the life of someone just because you believe that they
are guilty without even proving it, is a crime. I am against crimes specially when
it comes to the life of someone, so I wouldn’t have left the guys that were about
to get killed alone, I would’ve fight for them.


To resolve this problem, my choice would have
been to let the general kill me. I say this because I wouldn’t have killed none
of the guys. I was not going to kill nobody if it was not on self-defense, or
there was not a probable cause to do so. I would’ve given my life to prevent
the death of innocent people. These guys seemed like they were just blamed for something
that they did not do. The general was wrong, and nothing seemed to change his
mind, but to persuade him to kill me instead of the other guys would have been
one of my choices. It would have been easier and better to let the general kill
me, than to convince him to leave the guys alone. Now, if they were to be
killed after me, I would not have known because I would’ve already been dead, so
I wouldn’t feel guilty for their deaths.


In conclusion, I have learned to stay truth to
your opinions, even if they cost you your life. Doing so is a win-win
situation. First because even if you lose your life over your opinion, you would
be seemed to others like a true hero, and anyone would be proud of you. Second
is because you should always defend your ideas and be proud of them, do not let
anyone or anybody change the way you think. This exercise taught me how to
think through a problem, and how to come up with a solution to it. You have to
think about the roots of the problem and once you identify them, you must come
up with a solution to overcome those obstacles, this way you can solve any
problem. I have also learned not to judge before investigating and knowing both
sides of a story.



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