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With the passage of time, toward the last quarter of the nineteenth century, emigrant traffic became an important factor in North Atlantic travel.

America was considered at this time the ‘new world’ full of opportunities and fortunes for people in Europe. A great number of people from the continent started going to America in search of fortune. First Great Britain, and later Germany, along with other countries, became the principal generators of emigrants to the new world.

Channel crossing between some European countries and England by ferry service or hovercraft has been a profitable business for many ferry companies.

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This could be attributed to the general growth of tourism in the region, lower prices due to competition as also shorter journey time. Increase in the private car ownership in the region is another very important factor in the success of short sea voyages.

Transportation is very vital to the success of both domestic and international tourism. Mass tourism, as it is known internationally could not have existed without inexpensive and easily accessible transportation.

Almost all the destinations in the world depend a great deal on efficient means of transportation being made available to tourists. The choice of a particular mode of transport, however, depends on several factors. Many theories have been put forward on mode selection decision processes. The choices of selection of mode of transport are affected by the following factors:

Distance and time
Safety and utility
Availability and frequency
Comparative cost price
Ground services
Status and prestige
Geographical position and isolation
Departure/arrival times
Level of competition between services

The relative importance of the above factors, upon selection of different modes will, however, vary from one visitor type to another.

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