The oil were used to grease the slipway

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The R.M.S. Titanic was called the ship of dreams, and some
called her the unsinkable ship. It was the largest steam
engine ever built in the world. She was the most beautiful
and biggest ship ever to set sail to the sea. In the summer of
1907, Lord Pierrie, Harland & Wolf, J. Bruse Ismay, and
White Star Line planned to build three giant ships (Olympic,
Titanic, and Britannic). They were to be designed as the
most luxurious ships in the world, and to be built with the
finest woods and furnishings. They would cater to the rich
and affluent that traveled the North Atlantic. The three ships
would give customers luxury and they would travel at greater
speeds than ever before.In March 1909, the keel was laid
down for yard number 401, where the Titanic would be built.
It took two years to complete the construction of the ship
and cost approximately $7,500,000. She was 882.9 feet long,
92.6 feet wide, and weighted 46,329 tons. Titanic was the
largest ship ever to be built by man in the world. Twenty- two
tons of tallow, soap, and train oil were used to grease the
slipway bed to coat and protect it against the enormous
three-tons-per-square-inch pressure of the freshly painted
In January of 1912, sixteen lifeboats were installed,
which later became a total of twenty lifeboats in all. There
were three different types of lifeboats on the Titanic:14 wood
lifeboats, 2 wood cutters, and 4 Englehardt collapsible
boats. The capacity of the twenty lifeboats total was 1178,
which would not save all the ships passengers if it were fully
loaded (3547 passengers). In addition to the life boats the
Titanic carried 3560 life jackets and 49 buoys.

On the 3rd of February 1912, the gigantic ship
dry-docked at the Belfasts Thompson Graving Dock. In
March the engineering crew began to assemble in Belfast
and some lived abroad the ship. They tested the lifeboats by
swinging them out, lowering, and hoisting them back into
position under davits, preparing for the maiden voyage
on April 10, 1912. Except for a few minor details, the Titanic
was complete. She could hold weight up to 46,382 tons with
a displacement of approximately 52,250 tons.
The ship had 46,000 horsepower with 29 boilers, 159
furnaces, and funnels 73 feet above the Boat Deck. The
ship had three propellers and could reach the estimated
speed of 24 knots (43 km/h: 27 mph). She also had 12
water tight doors that would close automatically if water
should reach them, which were controlled electrically
by a push of a button from the Bridge and would close fully
On April 6, 1912, the majority of the crew came abroad
the ship and 5892 tons of coal were loaded abroad. On April
8, 1912, food supplies were taken abroad and all final
preparations were made for the Titanics maiden voyage.
Two days later Captain Edward J. Smith came abroad with a
full crew. The day had come Titanic was to set sail for New
Passengers started loading this wonderful ship all day.
The third-class passengers had through inspections for lice
and any kind of diseases that might spread in America.

By noon time the Titanic was ready to set sail for New York.
The first class passengers was listed as having 416
rooms, 928 berths, 106 sofas and 554 seats in the salon.
Third class, also known as steerage, had 928 rooms, 40
open berths, and 473 seats in the saloon.

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Some of Titanics passengers included some of the
richest passengers on board ship such as; Colonel John
Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor and Ida Straus.

Also the most famous heroin was The Unsinkable Molly
Brown, who was a native of Hannibal Missouri. She played a
heroic role during the sinking of the Titanic. She argued
fiercely with the quartermaster who refused to return to the
wreck site for fear that the survivors left would swamp the
boat. She also taught the woman on the boat to fight the
bitter cold by rowing and sharing her sable coat. Once in
command Mrs. Brown ordered the women to row to
Everything was going smoothly for the first four and a
half days, (until an iceberg warning)from the German

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