RIM with Apple’s release of its iPhone

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RIM initial business model to target
corporations through ‘organic’ growth was rewarded with its adoption of around
14 million blackberry subscribers account base by 2008, as a result this
generated a revenue of around $6 billion at the time, such success may have
resulted due RIM targeting the products for professionals. However, with the
emergence of competitors such as Apple, Google, and Nokia and ongoing rapid
technological innovation it soon became apparent that ‘organic’ growth could no
longer keep up with the market and the current blackberry models being released
could no longer compete with Apple’s release of its iPhone 3 and 3G which
revolutionised the smartphone consumer market with its touchphone capabilities
which RIM (BlackBerry) could no longer compete with, with its ongoing internal
problems which was evident due to the pressure of the resignation of current
board of members and its founders.

RIM, the Canadian firm, once had a
technological superiority pioneered wireless email over its competitors were
unparalleled, with products such as RIM [email protected] Pager 850, RIM 957 RIM,
BlackBerry Pearl 810 which showed the success of the domination. But
essentially, the targeting professional consumer market by RIM enabled its
innovative integrated solution. And due to such market power in the market it
essentially created a higher entry barrier in conjunction with its
distributorship agreements and its initial coherent business model by managing
the security and reliability of its operating network for business users.  

The downfall of Blackberry was dramatically
low over the past years. As Other competitors like Apple and android phone
makers kept up to date with the recent trends introducing new operating systems
and physical forms for their devices and Blackberry didn’t follow it and kept a
similar operating systems and didn’t make much changes to the physical part of
the device. Over the years many competitors changed their system to touch
screen where Blackberry still kept the keyboard system and it had a feeling of
using an old phone like an old Nokia. Competitors like Android and Apples main
focus was on consumer and Blackberry aim was to target it to enterprises and
they had been successful selling their devises to IT departments of huge

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RIM could get much profit from customers. However
the success was mainly from enterprise but didn’t had place in the consumer
market place. In many eyes RIM is seen as a professional tool which made it
possible for professional’s access to Emails. Over the years many things changed
and email wasn’t as popular as before and it was just another tool. They only introduced
popular trends such as Chat, Facebook and YouTube very lately.

Smart phones play an important role in today’s
world. Allow to install interesting apps to the device. From games to
productivity apps can be downloaded on devices such as Apple and Android. This where
the problems started for Rim because on BlackBerry OS system it had only
limited access to apps and only small portion of apps were available. It is
very crucial that RIM didn’t change their mission statement since 1999 which
caused many problems.

At one time blackberry devices where very
popular and a leading phone providers because they introduced Qwerty Keyboard
which made it easier for people to fire off emails instant of messages. Touch screen
devices were few back then and for most people using plastic keys and a scroll
ball was more comfortable. However as innovation changes and improves smartphone
users started to become more interested in touch screen devices and preferred
larger screens. Though Blackberry has failed to notice the changes what
customers actually wanted. They kept using the fiddly plastic keys on their
devices where it became out of trend over the years. In that time RIM started
to loose sales and decreasing from the market share. Furthermore, they did make
an challenge to produce a touch screen phone Blackberry 10 but it was too late
as competitors already launched better devices. Blackberry users missed out the
interesting apps from android and IOS. The BlackBerry OS has also struggled to
compete with Android and iOS in the app market; the store has around 234,500
apps available in contrast to about two million apps both in the Google Play
store and the Apple App Store.

With the release of the [email protected] Pager
850 and 900 was revolutionary for RIM to mark its dominance in the market,
which had limited HTML access with e-mail capabilities, which showed the intent
at targeting businesse which was enough at that time.

With the release of RIM 957, which may have
been the first ‘true BlackBerry’, did not have phone capabilities but have
e-mail on the go which became essential for many professional, however, it was
lacking in e-mail attachment and did not have a web browser, nonetheless it was
an intent that was welcomed by many and showed that RIM was heading towards the
right path.

With the release of BlackBerry 6200 in 2003
was the first integrated phone that didn’t require a headset, with its slick
design and email-centric approach made it one of its best phones at the current
time and also a favourite amongst many professionals in many industries. 

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