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RG 146.1 insure that all financial advisors have the standard training, with the approach  by ASIC. Regulation helps licensees comply with their legal obligation. Therefore all the service provided by trained advisors are high-quality.RG 146.4 states the requirement of trainer. All the person who give advices to clients must meet the standard.RG170.1- RG170.2 list the basic of the disclosure document that contain the essential information when provided financial advice or doing financial business.RG244.2 This regulatory guide has been updated in response to the Government’s Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms, which seek to facilitate access for retail clients to financial product adviceRG244.5 states that all the information and advice are for the best benefit of clients, good quality information and advice about all financial products by giving guidance to AFS licensees, authorised representatives and advice providers on giving information, general advice and scaled advice. RG245.1 is about the fee, Australian financial services (AFS) licensees and representatives of AFS licensees who have entered into ongoing fee arrangements with retail clients must comply with the fee disclosure statement (FDS) obligationsRG256.3 states that the review and remediation to clients are under the service of advisors who hold AFS license.RG256.9 covering all the advice and review are following the same stepsRG245.5 states fee recipients must give clients an FDS on an annual basis, which discloses information about the previous 12 months of their ongoing fee arrangement. An ongoing fee arrangement exists when a retail client is given personal advice and the client enters into an arrangement with the adviser, under which the client is charged an ongoing fee during a period of more than 12 monthsRG 256.2 lists It is important that advice licensees proactively address systemic issues caused by misconduct or other compliance failures, and have robust review and remediation processes in place to protect and compensate their clients for loss or detriment suffered as a result. Critically, this means allocating adequate resources to the review and remediation to ensure it is conducted in an efficient and timely way.

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