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Personal responsibility is the ability of a person to look after him/herself by ensuring that he is healthy, psychologically fit, having respect for his dignity, being able to account for his actions, and being able to accept consequences resulting from their decisions and actions.

I believe in life each and every person has to make decisions about situations, activities, events, career, studies and religion among others. Every decision has its consequences which are either positive or negative. A responsible person is able to come up with good ideas and solutions that guide him in ensuring that he is safe; mentally, physically and emotionally. Responsible people are able to take care of their involvements in terms of work to be undertaken and all other duties that have been awarded to them.

Personal responsibility is a key factor in a student’s success in academics. Successful students in colleges are supposed to be responsible people who can plan for their time well. These students should be in a position to evaluate the amount of time they have in a given semester. Responsible students come up with timetables that guide them in studying. Personal responsibility enables one to realize his mission and plan in order to get into his vision which is passing exams.

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Success in college is determined by the extent to which a student is dedicated to his or her studies. Successful students develop good study skills that enable them to read, understand, make notes and pass their exams. They are able to select their friends wisely and avoid unfocused and naughty students.

The student is able to develop a good timetable that includes each and every activity in the school from class lessons, co-curricular activities, personal study time and resting time. These students are able to carry out their duties in time and efficiently without wasting much of their time.

In order for someone to excel in his or her education, there are some factors that he/she has to put into consideration. One has to realize his favorite subjects that he or she is good at. Realizing these subjects enables one to settle for a career that best rhymes with his favorite subjects in class. One has to mange his or her free time wisely by allocating it well for his or her personal studies and other activities that may help him in relaxing his body and mind.

A good student knows what education means to his future life and the consequences of poor exam results. The student has a future that needs focus in order to realize his/her dreams. This calls for hardwork and commitment in their studies as well as other school activities. Organizing productive discussion groups is essential to someone’s performance. One gets to learn what he/she doesn’t know from his fellow classmates hence boosting his/her knowledge on certain subjects.

Every student who needs to excel in his education has to choose people to associate with, this is because we have beneficial groups and misleading groups at the College. A good student will ensure that assignments are done correctly and handed over to their lecturers in time. The student has to take much time researching, reading and making notes in order to perform well in his/her studies. Personal responsibility enables students to utilize all study materials and facilities at their disposal

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