Globalization world such as McDonald and Pizza

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Globalization can be looked into many different various ways. It can be look as a process or method that is rapidly reshaping the world. Improved in technology and communication bring down the barriers separating between countries and government. The world becomes more interconnected more then ever in the past. It is easy to travel from one place to another with a million mile of distance. All kind of product can be found in all places in this world such as McDonald and Pizza Hut. In general, this might be look as a positive effect but in deep, it also created a negative side effect too many developing countries. Globalization can be result in both positive and negative way depends on how people see it in different ways.

Globalization looked as a positive ways. Globalization brings down the gab between developed and developing country. Nowadays to travel from Thai to United State might take more then a week by old style air plane. Today, the fasted air plane can get you from Thai to USA within a couple hours. Globalization also connected and helps each county to have a good and strong relation ship such as UN and WTO organization.

UN helps in term of co-operation between the nations and tries to prevent war between the two countries such as India and Pakistan. UN also help the poor countries by provided them with good and services. WTO helps bring down the tariff of good and service from one nation to other. Not only that, globalization help the world becoming more effective in term of communication. Today we have an e-mail which can sent any information to other country as easy as tab your finger on the mouse.
Let look as a harmful effect that bring to all developing countries especially on poor and small once. Nothing comes for free. All service and good are costly which only some country that can effort its. If we look deeply into those poor countries we can see that they got nothing in return from becoming part of globalization world. Because they are poor so they can not effort any of those hi-technology and all expensive good. Then how can we say globalization bring developing to all nation. Not only that, globalization also destroy any culture and traditional of other countries.

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A good example in this case is the influences of Western culture to Thai teenagers. The culture effects of globalization can be seen in dress, dining and music and. In most capital of the world, jeans and T-shirts seem to be standard attire. McDonalds and pizza Hut are example of global fast-food chains. Pop and rock music have become standard listening all around the world. Thai teenagers are forgetting what the Thai traditional are like. Most of them are only lessen to international music including me too. Most of them might not even know or have heart any on Thai traditional music. Instead of going to the temple they prefer to go to the pub, nigh club and karaoke bar.
All in all, globalization bring both good and bad positive in the same time. Globalization are made the world are more interconnected in various way but it also destroy some nation culture. Nothing is perfect in this world. We can not judge weather globalization is good or bad. It depends on how you will receive it and use it in a positive or negative way. Just do what you think it the best fit for you and do not care what the other say just believe in yourself.

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