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                                               Response Paper I                  Usman Ahmed – ua01945


  The Social
Processes in Science – I: ‘The Good, Bad, and the Ugly’

Interesting reading in the start of the week that I see. I am Science student
but I didn’t know this much detail about Science and after reading this much in
the start I think I have got a lot of stuff in my mind about science that seems
very useful and lucrative. Looking for more that is coming in next weeks. For
now I would like to share my own feelings after reading the current assigned

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Article “How science goes wrong” totally disregards the impact of extraordinary
intrigue “science” that is only made to invalidate REAL scientific
proof. What about ensuring that the wellspring of the subsidizing for the
project is ALWAYS noted in advance.  Every
one of the issues sketched out in the article are an immediate result of a
reality mentioned in the middle of the fifth paragraph “Competition for
jobs is cut-throat”. As long as science and scientists remain entwined
with the real world, there is really no great method to address these issues.

article “To get more out of Science, Show the rejected Research” from New York
Times argues on that issue which researchers face while considering those
researches that does not get an opportunity to be published. The Researches get
published if the requirement is accomplished otherwise it get failed no matter
how close these Researches are from the specified threshold. But as much in my
knowledge Researches that got rejected are being used for citation. Somehow
Researchers did try their best to compete with others but in some cases they
got rejected. I don’t think so this is developing more interest in people to get
involved in Research side. As we discussed about this issue in much detail in
last week class that the selection of Researches is seem sometimes biased and
because of which the Researcher’s faith in Research can go down. If any Researcher
put a lot of effort and Money in his research then that Researches should be
completely neglected. Sometimes neglected ones do better than the published
ones. This reading was totally about the Researches, its use and people
reactions about the publishing of Researches.

article “The Cargo Cult Science” by Richard P. Feyman which is about
the exquisite speech titled ‘The cargo cult science’ by Feynman. Feynman
addressed the graduating class at Caltech in 1974. The “Cargo Cult
Tale” is so renowned, as a result of its illuminating truth in it. Feynman
was always right on the money. From his speech I can tell as such, regardless
of how keen you are, despite everything you’re restricted in a thousand routes
by your way of life, and each decision you make in what learning you seek after
breaking points what you think about the subjects you haven’t picked. What’s
more, sometime in the future, you may think back sadly on what you overlooked.
What’s more, it may be troublesome for individuals later on – with the
advantage of insight into the past, joined with a restricted information of
precisely what you thought and why – to see how you would ever have thought
those things. The present foundations are brimming with cargo cult scientists
and in fact, they don’t have any acquaintance with it! Maybe we as a whole are
cargo cult scientists in a few parts of our work and life. I believe that the
“Cargo Cult Tale” is a long way from being insignificant. From my
perspective, this isn’t an issue of respectability, it’s increasingly an issue
of terrible information.

All reading contexts are somehow revolving
around the good and bad science. In my perspectives Good science is
fundamentally where you take perceptions from your environment to reach a
target inference in the wake of aggregating a lot of information. It’s the
place you at that point share your discoveries to the record for others to
compound on. What’s more, Bad science is the point at which you search for
approaches to prove your point or push your plan through stilted research. Bad
science is the place you hope to prove other logical discoveries as wrong even
when the information doesn’t bolster it. Bad science is the point at which your
decisions are spotty, best case scenario despite everything you distribute
them. Bad science is where you bring harm to others for little or no gain
because of your own sick, perverted interests.

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