Researchers it is but right to have a

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         Researchers   Sultana
, Mahumud,   Sarker   and   Hossain  (2016) have noted that  hand washing is a milestone of infectious
disease control, and promotion of improved hand hygiene has been recognized as
an important public health measure. Although the techniques involved in hand
hygiene are simple, but compliance to these recommendations is poor worldwide. Since
the hands pick up microorganisms in a number of ways , it is but right  to have a regular hand cleaning. Infectious
diseases are still the most common and deadly group of diseases (Ergin 2011) . According
to a study conducted in Turkey, annually, more than 3.5 million children under
five die from diarrhea and acute lower respiratory-tract infections. Proper
hand-washing would be a significant reduction in the incidence of these

 Its importance was first discovered
in a maternity clinic in Vienna in 1847. It was revealed that cleaning hands by
medical personnel reduced maternal mortality rate. Other studies have indicated
that hand-washing prevents the spread of infectious diseases. To prove this, a
meta-analysis reported that failure to washing hands increased diarrheal
diseases 1.8 times. In addition, washing of hands can lessen the risks of
severe intestinal infections and shigellosis up to 48% and 59%, respectively .It
also had a potential to avert a million diarrheal deaths yearly.

 An interventional study showed
that children younger than 15 years living in households that received hand-washing
promotion and plain soap had a 53% lower incidence of diarrhea than the
controls. Another meta-analysis revealed that all eligible studies showed a 6.0
to 44.0% reduction in respiratory diseases with the aid of proper hand-washing.
Moreover, it was proven that hand hygiene educational interventions have a big
impact on the prevention of these ailments (Entin  2012). Currently, proper hand washing is not
as widespread as required worldwide. Several reports state   that
the frequency of hand washing with soap before handling food or after using a
toilet was observed in only between 0% and 34.0% cases nationwide.

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To improve the situation, Center for Disease Control and Association for
Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology have created guidelines for
hand washing. Furthermore, UNICEF has been declaring October 15 since 2008 as
the Global Hand Washing Day   in order to emphasize the  need of hand washing. In the local
setting,   Philippines is actively promoting hand hygiene
with the help of the Department of Health. The researchers  wanted to investigate the hand washing awareness
of the grade 8   Theresians 
through  conducting a survey.



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