Research Methods in Narcotics

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Narcotics are compounds that have additive effects on the body and sometimes, it may have a medicinal value for relieving pain. Apparently, people who take narcotics normally have their mood being altered and they can also experience change in behavior.

With the aim of researching on the effect of narcotic, it is of importance to verify why men are more susceptible to abuse the drugs than women. There are three hypotheses that will be used as guide in the research. In the first hypothesis, the research will investigate the claim that men are more dependent and prone to abuse narcotics than women.

Secondly, this research will confirm the allegation that men are highly accountable to seek treatment as a result of the adverse effect of narcotics as opposed to women. The third hypothesis in the research aims to investigate the claim that, women get involved in abuse of narcotics at later age than men. In this case, the hypotheses will be examined and appropriate method of research applied in order to come up with lucid information.

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As an example, the hypothesis on men dependency on narcotics will be tested before the data needed is gathered. This is achievable by use of certain research methods. However, a pre-sampling activitywill be conducted toexamine the validity of the hypothesis before the actual research is done.

Data can be obtained by observing and interviewing the sample group in order to examine the validity, reliability and dependability of the hypothesis. When testing the hypothesis one might use information derived from surveys and content analysis. In evaluating the validity of this hypothesis one is able to know the measures to take and expectations to be derived by the end of the research.

For example, when finding out about the dependency of narcotics in men as compared to women, it is fundamental to access whether the outcome of the hypothesis is likely to be relied upon in future. If it is reliable, one can be able to pick a small sample of a target group to represent the entire population being investigated. On the other hand, if the hypothesis is not valid and reliable, it is impossible to generalize the outcomes of the sample group to stand in for the entire population.

In order to evaluate this hypothesis, I will be required to study keenly the respondents’ behavior and as well interview them orally. This will help in providing relevant data that will be analyzed to prove the hypotheses.

Through the various tools of research, I will be able to interact with the respondent in order to collect data concerning the conscious and unconscious response. For instance, through observation, I will be able to study the unconscious response of the sample group through their gestures and facial expressions. Information collected will be recorded and analyzed. Finally a report will be written on the findings whether they support the hypotheses or not.

Definitely, I will be required to gather both qualitative and quantitative type of data in order to come up with coherent conclusion concerning the hypothesis. For instance, I will be required to find out the ratio of women to men under the influence of narcotic drugs.

This will need quantitative approaches such as use of questionnaires in order to come up with tangible figures. On the other hand, to obtain the assumption of people toward narcotics, it will demand participant observation to see their reactions. More assumptions on narcotics will need interviews in order to obtain qualitative data.

Nonethe0le-ss, current dated information will be emphasized in order to avoid use of outdated information. In this case, we will obtain data from written materials that is not more than two years old from their publication dates.

Research methods to be used in this study will encompass both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Qualitative method is applicable when collecting and recording data that needs not to be presented in numerals. Example of qualitative research tools includes observation, interviews, content analysis and video recording. Quantitative method of research is used when data collected is converted into numerals after it is being analyzed.

Tools used in quantitative research method include open-ended questionnaires and experiments. Questionnaires contain structured questions whereby the target group will be expected to fill in answers. Experimentation will be conducted in the presence of both control and Experimental groups. The latter will be will be used to provide comparative data for analysis In this case, the control group might involve people who do not take narcotic.

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