research compared to Oxfam Tesco’s marketing research
functional area may be using more primary methods of market research in order
to find the tastes and preferences of customers. The marketing functional area
works closely with the finance department in both businesses, as the finance
department decides and regulates the budgets that the marketing department
receives. Oxfam’s marketing functional area is also more likely to work closely
with the communities from where Oxfam buys products to sell in order to benefit
those communities

The role of
the customer care and service functional area is to deal with complaints
and problems customers face , evaluating services such as warranties, testing
products and services for any defect and recommending improvements. It is very
important for any business in order to succeed to have a really good customer
service and care functional area, because this functional area is most of the
time the main point of contact between the customers and the business. As Tesco
sells a very broad range of products and services across several countries
around the world, it is going to have a much larger customer service and care
functional area than that of Oxfam. This is because Tesco makes products and
services of really high quality, and needs to make sure that customers are
satisfied; so that customers buy more products and services, increasing Tesco’s
sales and profit as well as market share. This means that Tesco is likely to
have a customer service and care desk in most of its stores, in order to deal
with any problem faced by customers. In comparison, as Oxfam has a limited
number of shops and sells a limited range of products, the business is likely
to have a small customer service and care functional area. Oxfam’s customer
service and care is most likely to be based over the internet or telephone, as
it is not possible for the business to pay employees in every shop to offer
customer service and care. Customers are more likely to e-mail or telephone the
customer service and care functional area of Oxfam if they have any complaint. As
Tesco manufactures lots of products such as electronics, its customer service
and care department is also more likely to collaborate with the production
department. This is to resolve any manufacturing defect that products might
have, which can have a negative impact on the customer experience. The
production and customer service and care functional areas also might
collaborate to improve the design of products, so that customer experience can
be improved.

Responsibility of Human Resources (HR) is recruiting, selecting,
training and developing new staff, keeping all records they have in their
possession confidential (obligation to stand by Data Protection Act). HR
functional area also looks after staff whilst the staff works for the business
by making sure the welfare of staff,, providing training, development and
opportunities for success as well as discipline staff that does not comply with
the company rules. Tesco’s HR is likely to be much bigger than that of Oxfam,
as Tesco has over 500000 employees worldwide. Tesco’s HR department is also
going to have more training options such as off-the job and on-the job training
for its staff, as the company needs to train staff for different job roles. Oxfam’s
HR department is more likely to do more criminal background checks (CBR). This
is because Oxfam’s employees are most of the time volunteers, therefore the
charity needs to make sure that those people are safe to employ in a shop environment
where they are going to be dealing with people. Both Tesco’s and Oxfam’s HR
functional areas are likely to collaborate with the finance department, in
order to arrange wages and pay staff. For example, the HR functional area will
notify the finance functional area to increase the wage of a particular
employee if they are promoted.

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The role of the finance functional area of a business is
recording all the business transactions (expenses and incomings), measuring the
financial performance of business (how well or badly the company is doing
financially), controlling the finances and cash flow so the company stays
reliable (ensuring that there is enough money to pay off debts, bills,
employees, as well as invest in new developments to gain more profit), and
taking timely financial decisions by comparing the predicted performance with
actual performance (they would do this by comparing the financial situation
from previous years with today’s situation). As Tesco is a very large business
with global operations, the finance department would be looking at managing
Tesco’s revenue and profits according to rules in different countries around
the world. For example, the finance functional area will be looking at how much
taxes the company needs to pay, and will be trying to stay on the stock
exchange of different countries. As Tesco is a public limited company, the
finance department will also be constantly preparing annual reports for
shareholders and investors, as well as complying with filing obligations that
the company has. Similarly, Oxfam’s finance department is likely to produce
annual reports and other financial documents for the public to see, so that the
company can fulfil its policy of accountability to all stakeholders. Oxfam’s
finance functional area is also going to be looking into where to donate the
profit generated by the charity in order to help people who are in need. The
finance functional areas of both Tesco and Oxfam are going to be collaborating
with other functional areas of the business such as market research,
production, customer service and care and human resources. This is because the
finance functional area is responsible for allocating budgets to other
functional areas in order for the company to succeed and achieve its aim and
objectives. Tesco’s finance functional area will also be calculating how much
dividends the company needs to pay to the shareholders, accordingly to the
profit that the business has made.

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